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TREE. Also, spoily thoughts on Mythbusters "No Pain, No Gain"

4:48 PM 4/28/2010
This has been earworming me for the past little while, due to it being featured on the radio so much:
One Eskimo, "Kandi" Lyrics

You've been my queen for longer than you know
My love for you has been
Everything step i take
Every day i live
Everything i see

And if i get things wrong
Don't want you to think I'm running away
But i heard from Jo about this guy And i want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long

Why? Why? Why, did you need him?
Where was i?
Just how close to you is he?
Every smile you gave
Every touch you made
Every word you said

And it hurts beyond hurt
It was a love that blinds
And a love that stings
When i heard from Jo about this guy
And i want to know

What did he say?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he do?

He called you baby, baby all night long
What did he do?
He called me baby, baby all night long
What did he say?
He called me baby, baby, all night long
What did he do?
He called you baby, baby, all night long

I know he called you babe
All night long

4:50 PM 4/28/2010
Baking bacon. JD got hailstones and I didn't. JD says I should bring over some bacon. :D

10:06 AM 4/29/2010
Dinner last night involved artichokes. Since I was cooking them, I figured I might as well write down my recipe. It's here: Artichokes for the Terrified: Boiling
Anyone who has another preferred recipe can feel free to do other parts of the series if they feel up to it.

1:06 PM 4/29/2010
I won at Farmer's Market again. Half a dozen eggs ("Getting a dozen is cheaper!" the helpful lady told me. "They last for weeks!" "I might not use all these by then," I said ruefully. I got half a dozen last time, only managed to use four, and then when I tested the remaining two the other day, they floated in fresh cold water. D: Soooo time for new eggs.), three baskets of strawberries, two pounds of sugar snap peas (the kind JD does not like unless the delicious pods are stripped from them), some mandarin oranges, a miniature lava cake, and kettle corn.

I agree with [personal profile] rydra_wong that perhaps there should be a comm for sharing what one's winnings from this game are this week.

3:24 AM 4/30/2010
SPN spoiley,ish
you know, the thought of demon babies is v. disturbing, but I was very "OMG I WANT TO HAVE YOUR BABIES", except for the part where I actually don't want kids and demon babies would be problematic.

11:13 AM 4/30/2010
I need to go through and reconcile my icons at some point.

11:53 AM 4/30/2010
There's a call out for LiveJournal beta testers:
It can be very fun to poke and try and break stuff, and poke and see if stuff still works right.

1:11 PM 4/30/2010
"Hi. I need a life, and also less bacon." --Kat

[13:48] Yvi> foxfirefey: I am playing Planarity
[13:48] foxfirefey> Oh god
[13:48] Yvi> I have decided it's all your fault
[13:49] Yvi> boy just finished level 13, I am just starting it
[13:49] foxfirefey> No no no it is my friend pippin's fault
[13:49] foxfirefey> NOT MINE
[13:49] Yvi> but you are around now
[13:49] foxfirefey> That doesn't mean I get the blame
[13:50] Azz> you say "Pippin", and I get WAR IS A SCIENCE.

2:31 PM 4/30/2010
Looks like ProPay pulled a PayPal on Literary Underworld:

2:46 PM 4/30/2010
I'm trying to caffeinate myself today, because we should be fully functional, and let's see if this form of self-medication works. Perhaps I should just pop half a caffeine pill in the mornings, leave it on my nightstand.

2:59 PM 4/30/2010
Woo! At least the laundry has been going for a while. I love this crocheting project. I love love love it. I may do more, once this one is finished.

3:31 PM 4/30/2010
I might as well try out my new comm:

4:26 PM 4/30/2010
5a) It is inconceivable that, in 100,000 years, absolutely no humans developed Neanderthal fetishes.
Not Up to the Task, a Sailor Jim short on time travel.
There's discussion going on in parts of the greater pagan community about an ethics statement in which sexual abusers attempting to shelter their abuse under a sex-positive pagan umbrella are kicked to the curb. Because we don't roll that way, yo.

4:43 PM 4/30/2010
Heating water for the pitcher of iced tea that's about to be brewed for the next couple days. Yay iced tea! Yay caffeine in useful formats! Yay impending shopping expedition that will make me glad that I carry a cane!

5:22 PM 4/30/2010

5:10 AM 5/1/2010
...Oh my, it seems to be nearly 12 hours since I left for shopping. Well, I did get back before 2am. And this time I remembered to eat before bedtime.

Horribly scary weeping angel icon can be found here. Seriously, I had to scroll up so I can stand to still have that page open. Those things made quite the impression on me.

1:28 PM 5/1/2010
My hobby is sometimes very interesting.

Last night's shopping: so I picked Tif up around 6 (the parking/pausing scenario around her area of Princeton-Plainsboro is HORRIBLE), and we repaired straight off to dinner. Marlene decided to come along in my head, and now my brain is collecting cooking disasters.

(Uh, that probably needs some explanation. See, my recipe for artichokes is getting linked around a bit, and I told my aunt about it in a bit of glee, and she told me that I should write a book. I started attempting to imagine how that would even *work*. By the time I came back from the Farmers' Market, I had decided that maybe she had some weird job? and there was a bad breakup with someone who could cook? and then she was dared to learn to cook? And somehow a chocolate replica of a body part figured in? Then, while chatting with eternal_vows, I figured out that she was a book reviewer, and they had a "for the terrified" cookbook to review, and everyone *knew* she couldn't cook, and she had to make a fair go of it to review this cookbook. And her name was Marlene. And one of her friends (she calls him "her gay friend" in her head, nice going straight girl, but she has more than one gay friend, he's just the one that [EARWORMS ME WITH ROBBIE WILLIAMS WHENEVER HE SHOWS UP] she hangs out with the most. (He points out the "that implies you only have the one, and I'm flattered, darling, *really*, but no, I'm just the only one who has you for my hag." He's *also* the one whose identity is more the "I'm the gay one! hi!" as opposed to, say, Arnold-from-work: "I'm a reader. ...right, I'm also gay, and I have a goatee, and I prefer black jeans to blue ones, though I wear slacks more often..." and a good number of her other friends who identify with other parts of their identities more than their sexual orientation/activism.) And then my head started chattering away more.)

Sooo Marlene showed up in my head at dinner, which meant that I was on the lookout for Hilarious Circumstances. I am of the opinion that certain forms of very fine comedy are like tragedy: they are built from inherent parts of a person's character, and you could no more stop the funny thing from happening given this character and this circumstance than you could an oncoming train: it's like a tragic flaw, but for the great lulz. It's a comic flaw. Elmer Drimsdale is smart and builds things that work in epic ways not entirely unlike they were designed to work, but way over design parameters. Sidney Rampulsky is a klutz. Ben-from-"Home Movies from the Cutting-Room Floor" has Bad Luck & gives it to his closest friend, whoever that happens to be. Sally from ditto is goodhearted and well-meaning with poor impulse control. Harry from ditto is Socially Inappropriate. Miles Vorkosigan is Enthusiastic with Forward Momentum.

Dinner was iHop. Apparently the burgers are not just good, but Very Good.

We went to Target next, and spent a cheerful few hours poking around. "WHISK DAMMIT" was on my list. I looked at a pair of very plaid flip-flops, and Tif invoked the "Oh, honey, you are not going out of the house in those" clause, and black-with-blue-webbing-strap flip-flops happened instead. Maybe I will not destroy these too soon.

I was ouchy by the time we left Target. It was also after 2200. We went to Safeway after that. Hijinks Ensued; the less said about them perhaps the better. It was just before midnight before we actually arrived at Tif's. It does not actually give away Tif's place's location if I state that there is generally NO PARKING ANYWHERE NEAR IT unless you happen to be lucky and/or driving something incredibly tiny and you're better at parallel parking than I am. This time we were lucky, and I'm getting better at parallel parking. One problem shortly became apparent when Tif tried to open the passenger side door.

"Azz, there's a TREE here!"

I pulled up another two feet so Tif could get out. The back seat was inaccessible from that side, and naturally, that was right where we'd put most of her groceries! Oh dear.

"TREE." I announced, in a deep and resonant voice. "TREE." We cracked up giggling, and Tif declared us officially punch-drunk, because normally "TREE.' is not actually funny. (Yes, I am aware that when a complete sentence is quoted within another complete sentence, and the quoted sentence ends with a period, it is generally replaced with a comma. This does not work for "TREE." because "TREE." is so very much a complete statement in itself that attempting to continue after one has said "TREE." just does not happen. "TREE.")

Stuff was carried up. Due to actual parking, I could hang out for a bit, and thus we watched Mythbusters "No Pain, No Gain" as Tif put stuff away. This was the episode I'd tried to volunteer for. Sanjay their medic got some screen time!!!! He is *awesome*, even from just the five minutes I got to interact with him while being screened out from volunteering.

Due to cryptic statements on Twitter in the days leading up to the volunteering, I actually had a good idea of what was in store for the volunteers. Someone said something about (I think) delivery of half a ton of ice at the studio, the release form mentioned that I as a volunteer might endure some ~*discomfort*~ as the result of volunteering (and that if it hurt too much I was to immediately let them know so whatever could be stopped), and their call for volunteers involved men, women who have never given birth, women who have given birth, and redheads. And then the room with the billion whiteboards (which was not part of the places in the studio where the volunteers were actually wandering, but was visible from where we were) had a calendar that appeared to be a shooting schedule, and today's date involved "No Pain, No Gain". From those things, it was immediately clear to me that the myth involved mass data gathering from representatives of the given groups, that pain was involved, and (from the note about the delivery of the ice) that ice was involved in the pain delivery mechanism. When they said "Prepare to get COLD AND WET" I *knew*. And (having frostbitten the soles of my feet off during my misspent youth) I knew intimately well that cold was damn painful. I was a little concerned about the possibility of sustaining actual injury as the result of volunteering if they were testing my ability to endure pain by touching ice. (I did not know that it was going to be an ice water bath, which is much safer than direct contact with ice; my concerns would have, er, melted away at that point. Additionally, they limited the time in the ice water to three minutes.) I've already established that if I'm intent on accomplishing something, I will ignore pain to the point of injury, and having my own common sense be the only control preventing me from injury is sometimes a dangerous proposition. I'm very glad that they had other safeguards in place, and seeing the care they took so that their volunteers' common sense was not the only limiting factor ensures that I feel confident to volunteer for whatever crazy thing they ask for audience participation on in the future.

One of my LJ associates volunteered, and did go through the whole rigamarole, but (alas!) they didn't use her footage in the actual episode.

It was still amazingly fun to watch, knowing that I had a tiny part in the whole thing.

And happy Beltane!

DOT DOT DOT. I will NOT have sex with @jonathancoulton today. @donttrythis Great. I guess this new Jamie Hyneman mask was a complete waste of money.

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