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11:43 AM 5/2/2010
Good morning, journal-readers! I am awake! The scheme of putting the St. John's Wort and the caffeine pills on my bedside table (where I have a container of water) has worked out capitally, although that might be because I put a bookmark in my head to do it, and for whatever reason bookmarks in my head are working better.

Public service announcement for people who get email notifications of any sort from Dreamwidth, or administrate email servers through which notifications from Dreamwidth pass: if you have a filter set up that relies on the "X-LJ-Journal" line in the headers, this has been changed to X-Journal-User, and will be rolled out with the next code push after when this was committed. (Not sure when that will be.)

5:53 PM 5/2/2010
Whee! Went on a walk and then to Trader Joe's with my aunt. It seems like the new food group for this next couple weeks is the fry-up. (For those not familiar with my excessively weird eating habits, when I am left to myself at home, I tend to eat the same thing for appx 14/21 meals in any given week, or the same three or four things. But it's not the same thing, no -- it cycles, and I have no warning when the thing I've been eating will suddenly become of limited appeal and it's time for the new fascinating meal of choice.) Saturday-early-morning's was the leftover sausage, with thin-sliced potatoes, mushrooms, green onions, cheese, and then pea pods on the side. Omnomnom. Today there was no sausage left, nor peas, nor green onions, but there was some bacon, more potatoes, and avocadoes. Last iteration lacked garlic. This time I used some garlic powder, some dill, and some of the Canadian steak seasoning.

8:12 PM 5/2/2010
Oh, right, the fight with my aunt about Comic Sans (on her business cards). She wanted a casual font that did not say "uptight asshole"; I know the reputation the font has and don't want it near anything I care about that's not a comic book.

11:15 AM 5/3/2010
[personal profile] synecdochic: the ghost in the room, or, why modesty is a dirty fucking word

1:30 PM 5/3/2010
I brought home a pet rose from Trader Joe's yesterday. It'll be good to have a pet again. It is pink. I hope I do not kill it. It does not have a name. Yet.

2:39 AM 5/4/2010
Look, "Faking Christmas" has been updated!

May the 4th be with you. Always. <3

10:14 AM 5/4/2010
So I wake up (and the times are indeed regressing, so by the time Thursday hits I hopefully won't be a zombie) and what do I get? Earwormed while reading scrollback.

11:44 AM 5/4/2010
The sheer scale of the oil spill is blowing my mind. The Exxon Valdez wreck was my childhood. My inner idealist is cranky.

12:38 PM 5/4/2010
My cousin says it wasn't actually Comic Sans, it was named something else but it looked like that. And, OK, image macros are a reasonable place for Comic Sans too.

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