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ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN. (Contains MythBuster-y content.)

2:06 AM 5/7/2010
I've been having a lot of social lately; this is actually better than the alternative, as it builds up my tolerance for People and Doing Things. (Excessive introversion, agoraphobia, and lack of Doing Things and Exposure to People results in bad stuff, and then no ability to spring back when I do get out and do things and see people.)

Called best friend to babble bits about stuff. (Called at lunch; got some helpful suggestions. <3) Called later, got the machine. He then called back and we ran more of my battery down. On the bright side, now my battery's been drained and is recharging? (Best friend does not, as a rule, call the hell back.)

10:51 AM 5/7/2010
SPN spoilery brief notes from last night:
Creepy Nurse looks just like Cherry Ames. (This will mean nothing to those who didn't share my selection of childhood books.)

"Why'd you take a picture?"
"Why'd you have to use tongue?"
JOHN WOULD BE REVOLVING SO DAMN FAST OMG (Part of my canon is that Bobby and John were an item. No, it doesn't have to make sense of anyone else outside of my head.)

11:43 AM 5/7/2010
Yesterday's hijinks, the short and no-spoilers version:

Slept through most of Wednesday, much to my surprise. Knew epic preparations would be in order for Thursday. Made sure that I got them done before going to sleep. Wound up not being able to sleep very well at first, and then polished my nails in bed. (They came out very well for that.)

Woke up at 6am, more or less, and got out the door in one piece and pretty much on schedule. Drove there without incident, though I did have a bit of a time finding exactly where. Waited, struck up conversation, got signed in, waited and chatted more, and when Mythbusters fans are together, hijinks ensue. Several of us decided that we would try and generate myths to see if any of them would work their way back to the Mythbusters. There were apples, pastries, and beverages. @JulianaMarie, @Back2Bethel, @MrsGneissGirl and I all followed each other/pledged to follow each other (in @MrsGneissGirl's case, her phone being nearly Century of the Fruitbat tech) and hilarity followed. When you follow someone via text message, their updates get sent to your phone, so many of us were buzzing at each other all day.

We got sent outside again for the actual volunteering bit!

Grant takes a picture of the volunteer crowd: (I'm somewhere invisible in the back)

Not sure how much I can say about the actual volunteering, but it did involve a lot of standing outside in the hot sun. Many of us brought sunscreen (including/especially me). Sunscreen people became especially popular. I escaped the day with only a touch of sun-pinkness as of this morning. The taco truck was AMAZINGLY popular, and got a huge cheer every time. I may have sprained my voice. Tory and Grant are hysterical in person. They don't have to go out of their way to make jokes for the show: it looks like a lot of their general hilarious banter gets cut.

Tory with @JulianaMarie:

From MB executive producer - Thanks to all today's awesome volunteers. You guys rocked! Our fans are the best!!

After the myth was wrapped, we all got T-shirts -- or at least, as long as the supply lasted. They'd miscalculated. The people who didn't get them then wrote their names down and they pledged to ship them. There were photo opportunities and T-shirt signing with Tory and Grant and the police. A couple guys mentioned that they'd left their resumés with other members of the crew.

The MythBuilders (our clique of four) bade each other farewell and headed off into the warm evening sun. I refueled, headed for Borderlands, parallel-parked, put a quarter in the meter, and popped in. Yep, there it was. "When will you rise?" I asked the nice clerk, then escaped with the book. Then I headed for Tif's, found some rare parking, called the best friend, started reading, got a call *back* from the best friend, talked until the phone started beeping low battery at me, reluctantly bade him farewell, kept reading. Wandered in Tif's place's general direction after a while, still reading; waited until she returned; curled up in the corner of her couch still reading for quite some time until it was SPN time. (She was reading the latest in C.J. Cherryh's Foreigner series with just as much glee.)

I went home, and got in shortly after midnight.

12:33 PM 5/7/2010
Found out that I was eligible for free phone upgrade due to having it long enough. Package is out for delivery now; seeing if it'll come before I absolutely have to leave for the Dreamwidth gathering.

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