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Party at the Smith-Proulx house: awesome!

Dreamwidth party Friday: great fun! Many people.

The day of the party coincided with the day that my phone arrived. I finally got frustrated enough with the Phone with Century of the Fruitbat tech (and the 2004 computer) that I checked to see if I was due for a phone upgrade. YES I WAS. So out of the available selection for my loyalty and my continued loyalty, the phone that best fit my needs that I didn't have to actually pay for (aside from tax and the fucking car charger) was the Palm Pixi. So I ordered that on I think Wednesday. It was showing as backordered for a while on the site, so I was slightly panicky and resigned myself to it not getting delivered until g-d knew when. I did, however, put "check phone shipping" (or, rather, "chesk phone shippy", if one is to believe my handwriting) on my pre-party to-do list.

Pre-party, I checked, and found that yes, it had been shipped, and in fact it had been checked out of the South SF UPS office for delivery that very morning. SCORE! I decided to see if I could wait for it to arrive before leaving for the party.

JD was still groggy when I called; I got off to a later start than I thought due to difficulties in activating the phone. First, Sprint's UI sucked -- if you have two menus of the same title, they should have the same contents. JESUS. Then, once I had discovered the correct menu (you had to click the thingy to get the right menu; the phrase was not searchable on the page) the upshot of putting all my information in was that customer service would have to help me -- and I'd have to call from a different phone, or chat.

I chose chatting. It was tedious, but got the job done. If you're new to gestural phones, I do recommend reading the fucking manual, as some things are intuitive but others are ... well, they tend to make sense after you know what's going on.

Newly en-phoned, I set out to the craft shop for stuffing for the nearly-completed sheep. While walking along the sidewalk, I realized that in fact I did not have JD's number on the new phone, didn't remember it, and also couldn't remember the exact variation of the password I'd used on my gmail account. I remembered the base concept I used to create it, but not the specific variation: that was stored in my fingers as a kinesthetic memory, and this keyboard was fucking tiny and had a different layout.

Fortunately they'd discovered how to make the doorbell work (push it real hard), and, when I arrived, the lady of the house (the landlords live upstairs, and the garage is their territory) had the garage door open, so I just knocked instead of ringing. Microwaves ensued: since we were going to be taking Tif home *anyway*... .

We took the pretty bridge (the Hayward one, where the view going out is much better than on the Bay bridge). I am now pretty sure that I can get from a Known Point in my stomping grounds to the bridge without incident. Yay for expanding my Map of the Known!

The party was still small when we got there. Mark announced to IRC that with JD's arrival, he was no longer the only man at the party. :D We saw the bowl of chocolate rocks, and Mark announced his glee about the spoons. SPOONS. :D :D :D

I hastily finished the sheep. I tried to be subtle, but I didn't quite succeed -- [personal profile] iseebi spotted me, spotted it, and asked, "IS THAT A DREAMSHEEP?!?" in a tone that fortunately didn't carry as much as I feared. I made the panic-shush-face, finished stuffing it, finished sewing its little head on, and presented it. :D :D :D

Among the first comments were, from D: "Where did you get the pattern?" and then, after I pointed smugly to my head, "You need to put the pattern up on Ravelry." :D :D :D

This is a Dreamsheep.

Standard Dreamsheep

I had started out with little crocheted hemispheres.

Two hemispheres of crocheted wool/acrylic yarn

I worked with wool/acrylic, and built little hemispheres which I then crocheted together on the edges. The feet were a little more difficult; I started with cones as Kat advised me to do, six stitches on the bottom ring, and then joined two together for the hoof, and kept on circling around for the rest of the leg, increasing and decreasing as needed. I did not get a photo of the hind end, but there is a little tail, which is one of the hemispheres extended a little further and decreased into a sacklike tube, or tubelike sack.

I did not entirely know what I was doing throughout the process, but eventually wound up building a ring for the middle of the sheep's body, then adding hemispheres for a mutant football effect. I worked inside-out, and would occasionally turn it right-side out to see how I was doing. This did lead to jokes about sheep-fisting.

I closed the tail end first, and worked until I had a hole about the size of the sheep's neck. I built and stuffed the head separately, with two more little sacks for ears, and a somewhat more oval/flat/tapered bottom sack for the main part of the head. I joined the ears once I was about eye-level up on the sheep's face, and continued working in a basically circular sort of direction. It made sense when I was doing it, and there is sort of an internal wall behind part of the ears where they join to the rest of the head.

The head is stuffed with a bit of black yarn. The legs did not require much stuffing, but I tucked some yarn scraps into them to get them out of my way. The tail is stuffed with the fortuitous tag-end of the first skein of white yarn. The body is filled with fiber fill.

Crocheted dreamsheep with white wool and black feet and face on top of a bookshelf.

Crocheted dreamsheep being held up in Azz's black-nail-polished hand.

Another view of Azz holding crocheted dreamsheep.

More people arrived. There was food, drinking, music, sharing vids, general hilarity. Some Rock Band happened, and then Spaceballs. A vid room developed, though I didn't wind up in there. I tried out the functions of my new phone, tried to crochet, and sang a little. Apparently I was singing here and there at random, because at one point [personal profile] emceeaich asked me what exactly it was that I'd been singing earlier, and I then introduced her to the wonders of Luc Valvona. Yes, fishies, that song (the one that's an extended "your mom" joke). Assorted chatter about stuff. Set reminders for myself on Twitter about vgifts.

There were many many people. It was amazingly fun.

Party ran late late late, and the stragglers got shooed out. We'd planned that JD and Ryan would ride home with me, and Tif as well; since Ryan didn't come, JD asked if it was OK if jld (a fellow who usually lurks in IRC) came home with us too. Sure! The more the merrier!

The highway was heinous -- not the traffic but the road quality itself. At one point there was a serious pothole followed by the widely-spaced washboard bumps that sound exactly like a flat tire. JD was concerned about the possibility, but the car wasn't pulling, and all was well.

Tif lives in the city, so we dropped her off first, and JD took up the microwave. (There have been two ongoing narratives for the past little while: Tif's search for room in the budget for a microwave, and JD's search for a home for the old microwave since their upgrade thanks to someone else's move and microwave upgrade. It took me a while to connect these two themes and realize that they were the solution to each other's problem.) Then we took JD home; jld was to be crashing on their couch. There was an 'OMG HILLS' moment from jld on the drive home, and I got a wicked glint in my eye. Apparently a nighttime trip down Arch street is one of my favorite forms of hazing now. Who knew! I dropped the guys off and went home.

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