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Prop8 Trial closing arguments (my-day version, not the juicy), and other assorted.

11:45 AM 6/12/2010
Pro tip: when sticking personal information like frequently-forgotten passwords to your monitor, fold the sticky over, so a casual glance (or stray photo) doesn't reveal it to anyone in shouldersurfing distance. (Does not protect from snoopers with unobserved physical access.)

1:31 PM 6/12/2010
My to-do list had some things that I was going to look up for Drewface. Unsurprisingly, none of them are particularly safe for anything, including your sanity. (This means you, Lisa and EV.)
(NSFW: sex toy)
(NSFW: Sailor Jim) On the subject of penises
(NSFW: sex toys)

3:43 PM 6/12/2010
Today: more housework! So exciting! Apparently a large collection of black stockings takes more maintenance than one might think, given that not all of them are a perfect match for each other. There are a number of non-matches, though I'm not going to ditch all of them just yet: knee-high stockings mean that when one of them develops a hole or a run, the other one is not lost. So the non-matches will be held in reserve for this day, until there are none of that actual type left, at which point they'll likely have a hole themselves. The box of paired socks is now sorted into sturdy, fancy, ordinary, and crappy.

Also, I should inquire with the office re: my dishwasher. It doesn't ... seem to be quite right.

3:59 PM 6/12/2010
Songs I cannot stand: "In Over My Head (Cable Car)", by The Fray. I might be able to stand it if it weren't minor-and-whiny (there's this short-front, high-middle W-shaped configuration of notes in it ("over my head over my head") that just drives me *up the wall*) but as it is, it's very DNW.

4:39 PM 6/12/2010
Now, Muse's "Uprising", that's a song that makes me happy and also makes me need to put it on a mobile device for the next time I happen to be at some sort of protest involving the Establishment getting ousted. Muse reminds me of [personal profile] xb95, because I think he's one of the first people I know to have mentioned liking them, so that's an additional source of small things that make me smile.

7:57 AM 6/13/2010
Wherein I rant: Do not sunburn the cock, apropos of San Francisco playing host to a nude bike ride yesterday.

3:57 PM 6/13/2010
Aha, somebody was in the middle of game when I tried calling. We shall see if we're up at his hours. *kicks sleep schedule*

1:53 PM 6/14/2010
So Saturday involved SF in SF, which starred the lovely seanan_mcguire, and another author whose name did not stick with me, but one can probably look up. Poor Seanan was just this side of zombie, and sometimes not even the correct side.

The other author talked about her background in the music industry, and read something about stuff going down at a film festival. She also read a snippet of a cat getting introduced to an owl. Seanan (once she had a speaking voice) allowed the audience to choose what she read (the choices were serious or funny, and we picked funny), so she read "Alchemy and Alcohol", I believe.

There was a brief intermission. There was chatter about beverages, and I was scolded for actually purchasing Coca-Cola Blak after Seanan told us not to. (I have learned my lesson!)

1:47 AM 6/17/2010
So I'm probably not going to have time to catch up on internet for a bit, thanks to today's hectic Prop8 stuff.

Quick highlights: pre-event rally/party with @MEUSA folks, amazing crowds waiting to get in, but I got in. Then it was the closing arguments, and Twitter, and drawing, and tumble around and repeat. My Twitter archive for today: Mad props to, um. Fishie who was arguing with the bottom-of-the-stairs crowd. <3 Then it turned out JD had got in too, and then we headed for lunch.

The crowd was very lolno, so we opted for stairs instead of elevator. (We mentioned the part where my knees are dodgy and therefore I avoid stairs as much as reasonable, right?) (this was totally reasonable given the elevators) and we got down to the 10th floor where the bank of elevators does not service the 19th and therefore were not lolno crowded. Faster that way, I think. Then lunch. Then a 2nd amusing interlude with security (scissors the one time, camera the other).

Then back upstairs to watch history again. Dude was loltastic, flew off the handle at one point, also told Walker to look up marriage in a dictionary. Short recess to let dude get his shit in order. He stopped stuttering so much after recess. A few closing remarks, with mention of the loltastic Mr. Blankenhorn to wind up, and bob's yer uncle. Must suck amazingly to be using a power chair on the 19th floor, amid the elevator crisis. I actually have no compunctions about insisting that the person in the power chair cut the line, see above about SUCKS.

We struck out for Chevy's, waited. Did an interview with a dude with a v. loud shirt/tie combo. The @MEUSA folks were delayed on account of media circus. Read some of JD's Dick (Phillip K). Margaritas ensued. My usual drink limit is v. few. This time I had a few, and then it was four people left with the remainder of the pitchers. This resulted in 9 margaritas for me, more or less. I was *toasty*. Then there were transit funtimes; we elected (had decided pre-drinks, so I'd had no reservations about boozin' it up) that I should transit home with JD, have dinner, work on computers, *then* go for Daly City Station and get my car and go home, instead of me transit to Daly City, get car and drive to JD's, and have dinner and work on computers. Thus I was three sheets to the wind and so was he. He discovered that drunk cooking is not all it is cracked up to be. Still not a bell pepper fan, but I can eat them!

Then I scanned sketches while Teshipants got about as fucking frustrated with my machine (which wasn't recognizing a DVD drive again today) as I was, cracked his case, yanked free two cables, blew on them, and replaced them. ET VOILA SUDDENLY EVERYTHING APPEARS TO WORK AGAIN. Good to know, though, that my ARRGH WHAT THE HELL ARRRGH at the thing is a perfectly reasoned and rational response.

And then I wrestled with FUCKING GODDAMN BALBOA PARK STATION WHAT THE HELL, where the street elevator is also the platform elevator and COMPLETELY UNINTUITIVE AND STUPID WHAT THE HELL I HATE THIS STATION SO MUCH. And now I am home.

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