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Miss Lunatic and Delicious

How I Use My Delicious:

Who am I? I am azurelunatic. See my profile, poke around my journal. But for the purposes of Delicious, I am a random lunatic fangirl, probably come to read your fic (bake you porn and write you cookies). Most of my activity on Delicious is fannish; I also use Delicious for random shiny, geek, and feminist/anti-oppression linking.

Who am I fannishly? I really consider myself a lurker and a reader, but I do write on occasion, usually weird little stories with a twist in the tail, and I tend to leave a lot of feedback on LJ and Dreamwidth. I hang out on the outskirts of a number of different fandoms; see my LJ/DW interests and communities. If you are a Metafandom reader, you may recognize my name, as I hold forth on social media issues from time to time, and sometimes wind up getting linked when the platform/issue in question is relevant to fannish interests.

My Delicious feeds into my Twitter, @azurelunatic, and my Twitter is archived on LJ: azurelunatic. There are people who apparently follow my Twitter for the fic links (well, among other things, I hope).

I read a lot of fic. When I bookmark, I generally bookmark the fic that I read, enjoyed, and do not mind if others see me reading and enjoying. This is not strictly a recommendations list; see my 'ficrec' tag for my active recommendations.

I do not always bookmark fic that I have read, even fic that I have left feedback for. Sometimes this is because I did not enjoy it sufficiently to think I might want to find it again, or because I think that my readers should give it a miss (the "It was all right, but basically I read it so you don't have to" sorts of things), sometimes this is because I am on a different computer, or sometimes this is because I am feeling just plain lazy. I do not tend to bookmark instances of People Being Wrong on the Internet; that is not my preferred source of fannish entertainment.

I try to tag, but I do not always do it consistently. I have a couple categories of tags for fanfic and other fanworks. I use lowercase in most cases. These are the tags I use for fanfic:


I tag things with what sort of thing it is. For example, a Harry Potter fic will get tagged "fandom:fic:potter". I will also add subtags, for example "fandom:fic:potter:au" for an alternate universe. Crossovers and fusions get tagged with both of their fandoms. Filk will get tagged with "fandom:filk:" and the specific fandom. Et cetera.


I tag with "author:name" format, when I do. I am not always consistent about remembering to.


I tag with "character:name" format, for main characters and other characters who get a significant amount of face time/mention (sometimes characters who cast a long shadow but do not actually appear get tagged). I try to keep this consistent so there's no "character:jim" doubling up with "character:kirk", although there are some tags where there are two different characters of the same name across two fandoms sharing a tag. "character:ensemble" means that I feel that all or most of the characters that one can expect in this fandom have shown up for the party, and I am too lazy to tag them all, although they may not all be prominent.


I have recently started tagging with ship tags. I do this of the form "ship:char1/char2", or sometimes "ship:char1/char2/char3". No predecence is usually implied by the order of the character names in a ship tag: it's just whichever happened to come first when I said it first, unless it's a ship where one does and has to come first. I try and tag 3+ character ships with all their internal ships, though sometimes I fall down on that. I also use "ship:canon" as a lazy-tag for when (you guessed it) there are canon relationships portrayed and I don't incredibly feel like listing them.


This is of the format "theme:topic". I pick out some of the prominent themes in the work, particularly elements that I like, or elements that I am pretty sure that people who potentially read me would want notice of, even if I myself am not adversely affected by the element. Sometimes I will advise to read the authors' notes/warnings. However, "theme" tags should be taken as a contents label, and only a warning if you happen to be sensitive to that content. "Skeevy consent issues" is one person's enticement and one person's warning. Some of the theme labels are idiosyncratic, even rather silly. I try to tag crossovers and fusions.


I do warn for some things. These are, unsurprisingly, of the format "warning:topic" -- my current warnings include "looks-unbetaed", "beverages" (put down all beverages before reading, lest you snort them out your nose), and "non-period".


Some topics are not safe for all audiences. This is a notice to be aware of your surroundings before opening the link. It's usually porny or at least steamy, it may be other things, but it's probably not in your best interest to let your five-year-old, your boss, or someone's humorless grandmother-in-law catch you reading this.


I have "het", "slash", and "gen" tags, but they do not get much use. I do not distinguish between het and slash, I distinguish between smut (or smutty bits), romance, and non-romance. If the primary focus of a story is plot, to the point where I think that putting a ship tag on it is misleading, I may use the "gen" tag to point that out. But since I don't read to distinguish between het and slash shippiness, it's simply not relevant to me under most circumstances. Look to the ship and theme tags for genre.

So, yeah, that's me and my tagging habits! Comments are open to registered users and OpenID users with validated email addresses.

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Gone away, gone ahead,
Echoes roll unanswered.
Empty, open, dusty, dead.
Why have all the Weyrfolk fled?

Where have dragons gone together
Leaving weyrs to wind and weather,
Setting herdbeasts free of tether;
Gone, our safeguards, gone, but whither?

Have they flown to some new weyr
Where cruel Threads some others fear?
Are they worlds away from here?
Why, oh why the empty weyr?

-- "The Question Song", Anne McCaffrey
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