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A miscellaney that involves dogsitting. Also, insert wry commentary from Mike here.

2:33 AM 6/24/2010
One of the things I like about the White Collar fics that I've been reading: El is enjoying herself with her men, and no one, but no one -- not her, not Peter, not Neal, not the authors -- think that she should be ashamed of herself for wanting what she wants and getting what she wants and getting what she hardly allowed herself to dream of wanting.

Now *that's* the kind of escapist porn I like.

5:01 PM 6/25/2010
Adventures with an elderly black lab mix: apparently that loaf of v. tasty Trader Joe's sourdough was not far enough out of harm's way, as harm dragged it off the counter and chewed on it while I was out retrieving the laptop, which I'd forgotten at home in my clatter to get out and here. Heh. I just hope that harm's digestion is not adversely affected.

5:48 PM 6/25/2010
Called parents early this afternoon, chatted for nearly an hour. We think in quite a few of the same ways, a lot of the time.

6:44 PM 6/26/2010
Harm's digestion seems fine. Spent part of today over at my aunt's for dog supervision. The other day Dazzle and Deacon were playing, and Deacon fell and went down hard, so they can't play unsupervised anymore, given Deacon's rear end failure.

Then I came back, got a bite to eat, walked Harm (not his actual name), fed Harm, let him out, let him back in, and talked to Kat, who is having Gutter Woes. ND folks, she could use a hand getting Mr. Gutter and Mr. House talking again. [A helpful neighbor helped her out.]

Sounding: you're doing it wrong. If you are not aware of "sounding" as a sexual practice, this link will inform you. May be scarring to babyfish (in other words, my dear babyfish, do not click this).

9:57 PM 6/26/2010
So, on Twitter, one of my associates wanted to know who would make the best human vuvuzela. I obliged by putting my brass training together with a circle made of thumb and forefinger, and a voice post.

11:31 PM 6/27/2010
Today involved Pride. Sometimes public events with great huge crowds of people are my thing, and sometimes they are not. Given that my left knee is feeling more gimpy than usual, and since I am dogsitting I do not like to leave the dog home alone for any significant length of time, that was a not-my-thing-this-week for me. I did, however, enjoy myself, as there was a late-afternoon-into-evening-into-night mini-marathon of MythBusters episodes on the Discovery channel, and I called the best friend and we giggled at each other and made bad puns back and forth (as per usual). Advised him of my Geek Walk of Shame, and the Towing Horror. There are some things we don't agree on, but some things we very much do. <3

12:18 AM 6/28/2010
"7 things about #mythbusters that science can't explain" (from via @MrsGneissGirl) sounds like a fic title.

My brain is making me expound upon stuff. It's stuff that isn't quite finished, and in any case it would be lolno timing (entirely by coincidence, actually), but my brain is saying things upon it, and so I write, and eventually it will emerge. Although I repeat that I am not Denys Nye, even though my files are ... maybe starting to look a little like his in places. But still. NOT. (Please don't give me the replicate of a mentor of mine to raise. That would be a bad plan.)

OH DEAR GOODNESS. The next one I got? "6 depraved sexual fetishes involving the MythBusters" PLEH PLEH PLEH RUNNING FROM MIKE NOW PLEH PLEH.

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