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Hooray for five questions!


1. If you could make a single color in the visible light spectrum invisible, which color would it be? Why?
Well, I would say orange. Because I actually sort of dislike the color orange, because I think it is horrid and sometimes it hurts my eyes. But then I think of all the Safety Orange things, and things that should be orange, like oranges and California poppies, and I don't actually want to make it invisible, because eating an invisible orange would be Very Awkward.

2. How do you go about choosing books when you're at the library/bookstore/other bookish places of awesomeness?
Often it is because I already know that I want the book! Sometimes it is because I have read it before. Sometimes it is because I am familiar with the author and want to read everything they have written. Sometimes it is because someone else recommended it to me. Sometimes my eye is caught by the cover and I pick it up and look at it and decide that aha! I must have it!

3. How long does it take before you get tired of a certain type of food? (And needless to say: What was the longest length of time, and what kind of food?)
It depends! For foods that I like, I can eat it every day for a few weeks before deciding it is time for something else. For foods that I do not particularly like, once is enough for a while, thank you very much. The longest length of time was eating peanut butter and jelly (or jam) sandwiches for lunch every schoolday. As a result, I do not much like peanut butter, and I am more than 10 years out of high school now.

4. What holiday do you find the most exciting?
I get most excited by any holiday that has a big party. This can shift from year to year, but is usually New Year's. Plus, I like fireworks, and the new year is best for those. I actually celebrate four separate new years. The first one is Samhein (Halloween), the pagan new year. The last harvest is over (in theory), and it's time for winter to come, and it's a great time to dress up and have much too much chocolate. Then there is the Western New Year, with the champagne and the ball dropping and general good times. Then there is the Joshian new year, which is Josh's birthday and generally has a right good party. Then there is Chinese new year, and that is another party!

5. What is a song you wouldn't be caught dead listening to in public, but often listen to when you're in private?
I. Uh. I blame Jen for this?

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