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Awesome road trip to see Ysa! Meeting Fu!

Last night: dinner in the Tendernob with JD, Ryan, Jed, Ase, Tif, Fu, and me. This was followed by chatter and MythBusters and snuggling with cats at Tif's (me, JD, Jed, Fu). Before I went to bed, I dashed off a quick Reassuring Note for Fu to forward on to her relatives. Since they'd been asking stuff about who she was staying with, I included all that as well as a vague trip plan, even though I felt a bit silly.

This morning: Picked up JD and Fu. (She'd passed the information along to her family, and since her phone didn't ring once during the whole road trip, unlike dinner and hanging out, this must have been sufficiently reassuring.)

I'd started off the morning with leftovers from yesterday's lunch (mmmmbeef), and some caffeine. JD compounded this by offering me some Mountain Dew White Out. I was thus in a bit of a giggly mood. Despite not leaving quite at the crack of dawn, we made good time, and reached the Old Oakland Farmers' Market at a reasonable hour, and even found street parking. We wandered about for our half-hour of parking. Fu got strawberries and raspberries. I hailed a few of the vendors who go to the Daly City edition. We visited the bakery stall. Mmmmmmmm.

We headed out, called Ysa, and wrangled with the satnav. The satnav is complicated by the way it sometimes lags, and also by the way that the device itself does not vigorously multitask.

We showed up at Ysa's ... um. Just after 10-ish? We had a great old time chattering, and my random button was set on full automatic. Luckily, Ysa did not seem to mind. I declared that "marshmallow noises" should be a muffled peep, as of a chick who's got marshmallow in its mouth. I demonstrated. We went for lunch, with JD driving The Van. I explained the function of the parking brake in manual transmission vehicles. (I learned to drive on a manual, so I automatically use it; I don't see myself shaking that habit any time soon.) We had a nice lunch, chattering away nineteen to the dozen the whole time. Kat called and said hi. Then we went back to Ysa's.

It is a bit warm in Davis. We were all a little melty. I started winding down. JD and Fu started falling asleep (not much sleep for any of us last night). There was general fannish silliness. (Blueberries are still hilarious!) More hugs from the internet were delivered. Now that I know how close it actually is (only 180, 190-ish miles round trip! and it's highway driving, so Vash gets better mileage than on SF hills!) it totally has to become a regular thing!

We headed out just after 4. The sun-warmed blueberries and strawberries in the car were very very tasty. The phone was misbehaving itself (alarms, satnav, and music mix badly), and at one point started completely freaking out and responding at like a 30 second delay to touches. JD and my phone really do not get along well, and when I tried to poke it did not do much better, but I couldn't because I was driving. Fu wound up getting it to behave itself. Fu proceeded to tear through my music collection, discovering "Skullcrusher Mountain", "Code Monkey" ("That's where "maybe manager wanna take over goddamn earth himself is from!") and more. She cackled wickedly and played "Poker Face".

We dropped her off at La Casa Smith-Proulx; it was good to see Janine, though I was sad to miss Nicole and Mark. Trigger is still amazingly cute and cheerful-looking. Then JD and I headed off, with more satnav funtimes. When we got back to San Francisco cloud cover, I cheered -- apparently I'm less used to hot weather than I used to be, and it makes me a bit uptight. Though I had fun anyway!

When I got home I basically zombified in the middle of unloading the car and dinner. Zzzthunk. <3

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