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Some old stuff and some new stuff; "Ayo Technology" is shiny.

Apparently I'm not particularly good at writing without the actual Notepad file in front of me. The timestamp thing really works for me in a way that Google Docs doesn't quite cover.

9:43 PM 7/11/2010
In the department of ARGH: yesterday evening, sometime after 9, the desktop (which had been acting a touch flaky) started crawling again. D: So now I've got the laptop cracked open again.

I'm to go off dogsitting later in the month, which will be entertaining as always. I've developed a pretty good routine for getting things done and keeping my sanity at that.

Random Sunday productivity is random:
* Laundry being done.
* Call to best friend attempted; he was over at a friend's house being a math tutor. I hoped he wouldn't have any problems. He said that they usually work it out. Or something like that.
* Weekly antispam roundup complete.
* Did some cleaning in codesharing.

10:21 PM 7/11/2010
Someone amongst the Fishies suggested as a shiny timewaster: like or dislike things, get suggestions for what you might know or want to check out, get stickers. See also: for things you have done.

2:16 AM 7/12/2010
Plotting potential road trip with Fu. It's a bit last-minute, and requires that the person we'd be road-tripping to see actually be up for visitors!

2:42 AM 7/13/2010
Attempting to reset sleep schedule.
Computer apparently behaving again -- it looks this time like it was due to Firefox being a resource hog.

6:12 AM 7/14/2010
[started a rambling thing on the topic of gender and me] (a free creature or a wife, either way she'd lose a life)

11:53 PM 7/21/2010
Dogsitting again, for the family-of-cousin-the-younger's-schoolmate. Have seen three-legged boy-cat, who first appeared for a minute or two in the hall outside the living room, then settled down in the living room in the easy chair (well across the room from me) to watch Dirty Jobs and then MythBusters. Though he was more doing the curled-up-sort-of-watching-me than watching it. Have of course seen and interacted with dog; most recently he was found warming my bed.

7:42 AM 7/22/2010
Lo, it is morning! I have fed and watered the dog, fed and watered the cats, scooped the catbox, got breakfast, got showered, got dressed, and it's still not even 8am. Also I've re-read "Graduate Vulcan for Fun and Profit".

8:06 AM 7/22/2010
Aiiii I almost missed the trashman. Note to self: next time, let's do that at night instead. Even though it is late and dark and late and dark.

8:22 AM 7/22/2010
Since [personal profile] norabombay introduced me to "Ayo Technology", it's been rattling around in my head, giving me little snippets of chorus as a backdrop to my day. I should make an [community profile] earwormhole entry about it, when I'm back at my desktop. (Which is working again. Its current problem seems to be that Firefox does not hold up well to my use of it, and the machine does not handle that gracefully if I don't restart Firefox before things go critical.) The theme of the song and its music video involves Creepy Stalker McRapeface funtimes, but the song is really pretty and catchy, and can be read as a commentary about paparazzi pop culture and the mistaken assumptions of actual intimacy that can be gathered from too much intimate information about a person without actual active mutual interaction.

My actual first reaction to the song, which Nora showed me as part of a presentation on Justin Timberlake and Timbaland's Epic Music Video (B)Romance, was "Man, that multitouch is weak." There is a visually gorgeous moment when Timbaland is looking out a window on which is superimposed images of the woman that the men are stalking, and he is shuffling through them and throwing them around in a most lovely and dramatic fashion. It's very pretty, but my eye was caught by the black gloves with multicolored lit-up fingertips. Implied: you have to wear these special gloves to make your multitouch gestural display actually respond to your touch. My reaction as a member of the technophile priesthood: Weak.

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