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More general fishery

12:01 PM 8/8/2010
I'm glad to know I've raised a bunch of pedants just like me. *snif* *proud fishmum*
Mizzy: Oh, I also can't drink milk or water straight - it makes me gag. *has to dilute them*
Isi: wait, sprouts are related to broccoli?
Mizzy: I think that's just to do with my odd tastebuds more than anything, though.
Azz: How ... do you dilute water? *scared*
Nyn: dilute WATER?!
Nyn: LOL
Cae: ...?
Mizzy: LOL
Isi is scared
Cae: isi
Nyn: (and I'm externally allergic to water, not when I drink it)
Cae: ISI
Mizzy: Like. Half fruit juice half water. Or squash.
Nyn: o.O
Cae: ...ew.
Isi: ...that is so not dilution. That is like, the opposite of dillution.
Isi: also, yucky.
Mizzy: I don't KNOW the word for antidilution.
Nyn: yeah
Isi: hi Cae!
Azz: "flavor"?
Cae loves drinking water. All the time.
Mizzy: It makes the water less concentrated, soooo. DILUTION? haha
Nyn: less concentrated water LMAO
Nyn: you need to go other your chemistry again :D
Mizzy is so very good at chemistry and all sciences, by the way x
Mizzy: haha
Isi: well normally it would be distilling I suppose, except you aren't distilling. So IDK

1:29 PM 8/8/2010
Honking/buzzing is apparently my new thing with the Fish. Not surprising after the World Cup vuvuzela obsession, but still. Apparently I am a swarm of angry bees, and/or a goose?

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