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Oxygen is good.

3:31 AM 8/11/2010
I seem to have either allergies that are kicking my ass, or a cold. I ventured forth for foodstuffs earlier in the evening, and have been sitting around drinking lots of mint tea and feeling as stupid and slow and cut off from everything as if I were one of those Vonnegut characters who have nasal telepathy and a head cold.

I also have a random cut, and no idea how it got there. I came back from the OMG NO H8 parade, and realized that I had a shallow cut about three inches long on my tit. No idea how it got there. I've been keeping an eye on it. It's past the need for possible stitches at this point. Still have no idea why it's there. Fingernail problems? Scissors not closed when putting them away when mostly naked? Something completely different? No clue.

1:07 AM 8/13/2010
Cold-type-thing confirmed. I had a really horrible couple nights, and went with my aunt in the morning to get fruits (I bought more than I was actually actively hungry for, because I knew I'd be hungry once I got my nose back), then we headed to Target. I got decongestant. My aunt looked at rice cookers for my cousin. I headed home, decongested.

I'd thought that I'd surely miss the announcement of whether Walker would lift the stay while we were out shopping, but evidently not. We were waiting on pins and needles; Ursie jested with JD that he could "pull an Azz", and influence the news to be released by taking a shower, like I did last time.

The news went up slightly after noon: the stay on his judgment will be lifted the evening of the 18th, which means that the happy couples of San Francisco have just under a week to plan their weddings if they're going to hit day 1. I surprised myself by actually busting out sobbing. Never mind that I don't have any current plans for a wedding; never mind that I don't have anyone I'm seeing right now; never mind that as queers go, I'm bisexual, and as bisexuals go, based on past data I'm statistically more likely to form a long-term bond with a man. It still affects me personally, and it's my people. No matter whether I never date another woman in my life, this is still my people.

Bawling over with, I started in on putting together the sangria, and wound up in a long and far-ranging conversation on Facebook chat with good ol' Shawn, who has also been suffering from a cold. I also pinged wibbble to see if he was the person who had suggested that fascinating-looking remote tech support firm while Madman was still behaving badly and driving me to tears. Because he's behaving now. We determined it was probably not him. I did my eyes in the bi rainbow again, for celebration's sake. I do like having a diversity of eye shadow. It makes me want to play with it, play with all the lucious colors. My inner painter needs to be sated.

Feeling much better than I had in three days, because I could finally breathe, I sallied forth theatre-wards, for I was to meet with the boys for some entertainments. I was a n00b on the Muni, but as a reward for my taking the wrong train, I did get to see a bit of hilarious and inexplicable byplay on the N. Heading inbound, just about around Safeway, this kid marched up to the front of the car, yelling about something. He got off the train from the front door, and, as he passed the open middle door near where I was sitting, he hurled something hard through the door and into the train, which sailed past the face and over the mobile phone of the random hipster guy lounging on one of the benches (it was a very empty train), clattering against the wall and falling to the floor. The guy got off his mobile in shock. It turned out to be a barrette. Surreal event for the evening, CHECK.

At length I arrived at the Castro Theatre; fortunately they do let in latecomers, and I was only a bit late. We were watching Fruit Fly, which has joined my list of adored movies. I must watch it again. I must in fact purchase it at some point. I came in just about as the "Fag Hag" number (language) was starting. I had not heard some of those. It was late enough that I did not want to barge through the seats and step on toes, so I was not actually sitting with the boys, but this is a movie that one can miss the first ten minutes of, and watch by oneself, and still enjoy the hell out of it, and I am sure that the enjoyment would have been fairly multiplied had all stars been in the right spheres, &c.

There was applause and laughter throughout the film. I did notice that no-one seems to charge their phone at all. :D Though the curled-up-in-bed-with-phone is particularly genuine. And the damned air conditioner building! It was as much a love story for the city as it was the story of these people. The ending was a bit inexplicable, but hey. It's a thing of beauty.

So then I went home, and curled up on the internet with my fishies.

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