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JD's birthday! Excellent fun!

JD turned 23 on Friday the 13th. We went out and saw Fruit Fly the night before. I recommend it. Then there was a party the day of.

I made sangria and brought it. Red wine reminds me of coffeechica, and sangria doubly so.

I started out on Thursday with approximately 1.5 liters of Estrella cabernet sauvignon (the low-end-but-drinkable red wine Tif had recommended for cooking), less the amount I'd used in the tasty tasty mushroom cheesy pasta. I sliced up a metric fuckton of fruit: some nectarines, some peaches, lots of strawberries, a random lemon from my aunt's tree, plus some unsliced blueberries. I dumped those, plus some sugar, in this iced tea pitcher. There was at least as much fruit by volume as there was wine, as the rounded bulb at the bottom of the pitcher was about half full when I started, and entirely or more when I was done.

I let it sit while we watched the movie, and taste-tested it after I got home. I got the bright idea of adding that bottle of pear cider that I got but realistically, when was I going to actually drink it, knowing my drinking habits? So that went in as well. I also hauled along a bottle of lemon-lime soda for a mixer, since you're supposed to dilute it; there wasn't room in the pitcher.

Found a nice parking spot not too far down the hill, but not the same one I got towed from. [personal profile] ase, [personal profile] iseebi, and [personal profile] jproulx arrived. Proper cracker presentation is important! Whatever those crackers were, they apparently fall approximately like some sort of random cinnamon-flavored cereal. Eating, drinking, and chatter ensued, along with the eternal pizza debate, and shenanigans in attempting to get it ordered. People who were not me played Super Smash Brothers and Mario Party. The topic of pictures of the cervix came up, and this resulted in me Googling, and finding (much to my amusement and slight queasiness) a site with pictures of the cervix throughout an entire menstrual cycle. (The queasiness, well. Cervix, fine. Bodily fluids of people who are not me or mine? Not so fine.) I thought it was hilarious, but (fortunately for everyone else) did not share; the mere fact that I had googled cervical pictures was enough to unnerve the rest of the room. A good time was had by all, and I do not think that we disturbed upstairs that much.

The sangria was reasonably popular. Towards the end of the party we were ladling out cups, with more fruit than booze. I should make it again sometime. Though a container less likely to spill is probably in order.

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