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Wireless, anger mismanagement, and more.

10:09 PM 8/22/2010
Josh offered to have the Johns' children, hollered from our Ewok perch. "Mpreg?" I asked.
Josh has short hair now! Not the shortest ever, but conventional-male short. I asked; it wasn't a can of worms, just one of those time-for-a-change things.

Josh and JD both know @tiger -- JD from college, Josh because they're roommates.

7:05 PM 8/23/2010
The troll next door seems to no longer be there. This is the second one who was involved in a screaming fight with his girlfriend, the fellow who would often be out smoking at late hours when I was either venturing forth or coming home from social events or shopping. I refer to him as a troll because when we were chatting once about what we did, he mentioned (apropos of me mentioning that I did Online Stuff) that he was not much of an internet person, but he would occasionally (for entertainment) go and start shit on random message boards. Thus, troll next door.

I know he's no longer there because the door was open and they were ripping up the floor.

8:19 PM 8/24/2010
It's been a bit hot in the Bay Area.

11:08 PM 8/24/2010
How is it that I've never encountered this song before?
Bernard Cribbins
Right Said Fred

Right said Fred, both of us together, one each end and steady as we go
Tried to to shift it, couldn't even lift it, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Right said Fred, give a shout to Charlie, up comes Charlie from the floor below
After straining, heaving and complaining, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Charlie had a think and he thought we ought, to take off all the handles
And the things that hold the candles, but it did no good, well I never thought it would

Right said Fred, have to take the feet off, to get them feet off wouldn't take a mo
Took its feet off, even with the seat off, should got us somewhere but no
So Fred said lets have another cup of tea and we said right-o

Right said Fred, have to take the door off, need more space to shift the so and so
Had bad twinges taking off the hinges, and it got us nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Right said Fred, have to take the wall down, that there wall is gonna have to go
Took the wall down, even with it all down, we was getting nowhere
And so, we, had a cup of tea

Charlie had a think and and he said look Fred, I've got a sort of feeling
If we remove the ceiling, with a rope or two we can drop the blighter though

Right said Fred, climbing up a ladder, with his crowbar gave a mighty blow
Was he in trouble, half a ton of rubble, landed on the top of his dome
So Charlie and me had another cup of tea and then we went home

I'll said to Charlie we'll just have to leave it standing on the landing that's all
You see the trouble with Fred is he's too hasty
Now you never get nowhere if you're too hasty.

6:35 AM 8/29/2010
Apropos of the Eternal Chat, I am reminded that I've got a few rather strict values about relationships.

If you're in a long-term relationship, you should be able to either trust that the other party in the relationship will not cheat on you, or that if the other party in the relationship is having happysexyfuntimes outside the relationship, that they are going to come back to you. (Also included in that last: having your permission to be doing that.) If you cannot trust them this far, why are you in a relationship with them, anyway?

Related: the trope that all friendships or acquaintanceships between people of compatible sexual preference are inherently fucking waiting to happen, is really messed up. Really amazingly messed up.

I have sketched up the approximate problem with my cellphone reception.
Three concrete bunkers of buildings with their bottom storeys set into the side of a descending hill. At the top of the hill, cellphone towers. At the bottom of the hill, ocean. Cellphone signal shadows shown inside and behind the buildings, and below the cliff, on the ocean/downhill side of the buildings. An unhappy blue star representing Azz is in the second (ground level) floor of the middle building on the uphill side, with not much signal at all. Sole window: uphill side. Concrete with rebar. Fun times.

10:03 AM 8/29/2010
I ... may be unaccustomed to caffeine again. On the bright side, I have re-located my St. John's Wort bottle.

I think I've also figured out some of my problems with People. If I've slept enough, I love the whole world. If I've not slept enough, I'm a complete misanthrope.

Also, my aunts think Dad's depression is a side effect of OCD, which actually slots in really really well with one of the things I've learned about mine. I wind up in a lovely hate spiral where all the major things I've done wrong in X number of years will circle around in my head and remind me how much I suck. At least I don't think anything from elementary school is in the hate parade, but stuff from high school still is. And when I'm on meds, I can break out of it in a way I can't when I'm not.

Also it is entirely possibly time for a round of anger mismanagement classes (apropos of a friend's horrifying experience with an unexpected evangelist who got too inappropriately attached too soon) involving shrieking, stomping, hitting people with one's cane, fleeing vigorously, and avoiding being alone with anyone who makes one feel dodgy, even otherwise friends.

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