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11:09 AM 8/29/2010
Apparently my personal canon for Sherlock now involves either asexual!Sherlock, or Sherlock who thinks sex is unimportant/boring, possibly with an exception for John. I can be sold other visions of him, but that's the one that comes through most clearly. Thank you, fandom. :D

12:43 PM 8/29/2010
Sometimes I am the best and worst kind of optimist. If someone says that they love someone and wish them nothing but the best, and then up and, like, murders them or something, I would be *surprised and shocked*. Same with relationships that other people are in. If I'm seeing them textually, I don't pick up on all of the nuances that says that the relationship is headed for disaster.

12:48 PM 8/29/2010
Sometimes Valdemar has the same sort of hollow plasticky feel as the sort of "historical reenactment" event that makes a lot of noise about authenticity, and then has glaringly non-authentic things, but instead of either going on about it and not calling attention to it, or saying (when called on it) that yeah, that is not authentic, but the whole point is to have fun, and the authentic thing would not be as fun (see: modern plumbing) -- but instead makes the sort of fuss over justifying the anachronism that it calls more attention to it than it would have got in the first place, unsuspends the willingly suspended disbelief, and awakes the cynic within.

1:32 PM 8/29/2010
Two random insights for the day:
1) If one knows, beforehand, that something is going to be a bad idea, don't do it.
2) If one has already established that a person will suggest to one things that are in the opposite of one's best interests (particularly with every appearance of goodwill), examine all of that person's suggestions (and antisuggestions) more strictly than average, because it's more likely to be a Bad Idea. Really.

3:06 AM 8/30/2010
Just spent a while going through my to-do list on Hiveminder. Yay, Hiveminder. It is another thing that is nearly a prosthetic memory.

8:43 AM 8/30/2010
Random jarring Facebook moment: when someone spoke dismissively of the MythBusters as "those dorks". These are my people. If you think they're dorky, what do you think of me? If the answer to that is one of those face-saving "But you're not one of *those* dorks!" ... yeah, actually, I am one of those dorks. (This has set off some thinky-thoughts, which are brewing down in a corner of Notepad.)

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