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8:39 AM 9/6/2010
Oh Walter.

11:18 AM 9/6/2010
A request for information on DW fannish presence:

6:18 PM 9/6/2010
In which I introduce myself to a new community.

11:03 AM 9/7/2010
An anti-earworm tool:, found via lifehacker. (

9:34 AM 9/8/2010
In which I lecture my phone and my building.
A Dragon*Con report, including some Adam Savage silliness:
(Connie and Mike may have become incoherent at the mere thought of even Adam joking about a Playboy version of MythBusters.)
I took this online version of the Bem Sex Role Inventory, and came up as 64.167% masculine, 60% feminine, and 60.833% androgynous. (Scores out of a possible 100 points in each category.) About like I expected.

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