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Fun with Google, shopping, and dogs

8:06 AM 9/3/2010
Apparently I've been having more undocumented days than usual! Let us reconstruct, then.

My sleep schedule has been absolute ass, after getting sick, and things have not been improving it much.

Aunt-Fayoumis visited over the weekend of the 28th and 29th, and it was very nice to see her.

Tuesday the 31st, r69 came out, with its complement of general upsetness. I had a phone interview, resulting in an in-person interview for the 9th. r69 wound up dominating my friends page and therefore my brain.

So on Wednesday there was a Silicon Valley Google Technology Users' Group meetup at the Googleplex. I picked up Tif (which had its own set of hilarity, because it's a new office and the directions assume that one is going to park in the garage, not pull into the dropoff zone, which is in the opposite direction at the final turn), and we arrived in time to partake of dinner and do a bit of chattering with various folks there. They have you say OK to an NDA before they print your visitor badge sticker. Just in case you should happen on something interesting while visiting. Campus is lovely, buildings are nice; this is the future workplace we were promised. Complete with the ability to flop down on the floor and let someone run a wooden train set over your head as you process that random thing. Also there was hilariously geeky graffiti on the cardboard part of the buttgasket box in the lobby bathroom. Someone had scratched out the "protection" part of "provided by the management for your protection", and wrote in "Paranoia". Someone else commented, "Paranoid Android?" Yet a third person commented about that pain in the diodes...

After that, Tif and I did Target. Target: still not a playground!

My sleep schedule is fucking up on me again. Thursday was a wash, aside from the farmers' market. Friday was a Shopping Day, and picking up Tif was an Adventure -- traffic across the bridge is worse Fridays, apparently, but that was OK. We did IKEA, some random office place (and we learned that now all three of us: me, JD, and now Tif as well) have compatible chargers, so now we can line up based on whose device has the lowest battery whenever we get to someone's home or someone's car or someone's laptop. I was Made of Ow by the end of it.

Saturday involved my aunt's dog training endeavors. Not much to say about that -- there was some dog silliness, and the dogs were doing loops around two folding chairs. My uncle is re-painting. The computer room downstairs is this offwhite color that tends in the direction of pink. That room's just about done. Last I heard, he was doing Cousin the Younger's room, and then Cousin the Elder's room will be next.

My aunt wanted to have a nice walk, but I was falling on my face asleep, so I went home and crashed.

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