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Random from the past: plot bunnies, Twitter hilarity, San Francisco, stuff.

From September 14th:
Plot bunny, free to a good home: in which Sherlock of the new BBC Sherlock series, is, well. Is a demon. Like Nick. IT WOULD EXPLAIN SO MUCH, YOU GUYS.

From September 15th (Wednesday) and 16th (Thursday):
The #rockretractions hashtag was hilarious fun, taking various lyrics and sentiments from assorted rock songs and considering how things might have changed. Such as: @jaredgriffin: Actually, education is pretty important, but we are still adamantly against thought-control. #rockretractions and @alyankovic: On second thought, it actually might behoove you to fear the Reaper a little bit. #rockretractions

Then there was some guy on BART who was sort of passed out in one of the spoonie seats, with his bike blocking the other 3 spoonie seats in that little section. Fortunately the car was not amazingly crowded. And he did show vague signs of alertness later. But oh man. D:

Good thing there were no people with disabilities needing the other 3 seats! on Twitpic

Friday, I discovered that the perpetually-soft tire was in fact flat, and no amount of air was resurrecting it. I was filled with woe, and frantically made with the waving-about of schedules.

9/17/2010 2221: Fic bunny: five sex toys that B.S. Johnson ought to never have made.

11:19 PM 9/17/2010
amberite's cat is elderly and ailing.

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