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From Twitter 10-05-2010: Glee: Grilled Cheesus

Context as well as just the tweets.

  • All of us agreed that Rachel's song sounded awfully familiar. I whipped out my phone and Googled some of the lyrics. "Barbra Streisand!" I cried in triumph. The boys cracked up laughing.
  • Kurt started singing. "That's the saddest interpretation of 'Hold My Hand' I've ever heard," someone said.
    20:40:25: "This looks an awful lot like a death montage." -@gameboyguy13
  • Strings popped up in the Glee room. 20:42:53: "A quartet? A quintet? What's the collective noun for strings?" @teshiron "A clusterfuck of strings!" @gameboyguy13 #glee
    (JD was in orchestras a lot as a kid, he clarified. Ryan and I were in disagreement whether a sharp open E string was worse than a flat one; I said sharp & he said flat.)
  • 20:48:42: OMG R.E.M.!!! #glee
    (I love this song. Shortly after that, someone on Twitter said that "Losing My Religion" is about a crush and not about actual religion. I was very tempted to point out the way that Hold My Hand is generally romantic, and not parental.)
  • 20:51:20: RT @XMwt7: Why do people keep referencing Pastafarianism and not saying the name?! #Glee
  • 20:52:22: Hat twins! #glee
  • 20:58:35: Poor Kurt. Really hard to not be Christian in the US. #glee
    (Kurt seems to be an atheist; I'm pagan, but I feel for a lot of the stuff he's going through in this episode.)
  • 21:02:37: Idk about you, but I would not want to eat #grilledcheezus after toting it around for a week. #glee
  • 21:05:27: @heymally Not just you! #grilledcheezus #glee

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I had really low expectations when I saw that this was going to be a Special Religious Episode, and they didn't quite sink as low as I thought they would. Kurt got to keep most of his dignity and most of his religious convictions. Sue's side ... erk. :(

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