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From Twitter 10-18-2010: In which I read the first 5 chapters of Cryoburn

  • 18:50:48: Warning, I'm reading the first 5 chapters of the new Miles Vorkosigan book, Cryoburn. If you don't want spoilers, turn back now.
  • 18:50:53:
  • 18:51:55: Counting angels: less safe than counting sheep.
  • 18:52:04: Ooo, he has a cane now?
  • 18:52:30: Hahaha, fucking sedatives. Hah.
  • 18:52:44: Hamlet now!
  • 18:53:51: Out into the light. Thank goodness.
  • 18:54:36: Cremation? I could see how that would be radical.
  • 18:55:08: Hello, Tau Cetan beaded lizard! :D
  • 18:56:10: "little Hellion", oh my, I see that the Naismith is dominant.
  • 19:06:32: Chickens!
  • 19:09:31: I would not like butterbugs in my bed.
  • 19:25:17: Aurie Pym/Roic! WE SHIP IT ALREADY.
  • 19:25:59: Oh dear. A business convention? Oh dear.
  • 19:41:16: Roic is right to know his lord's laughs. And to be scared by that one.
  • 19:47:21: Bet the guy is beat up on account of Roic, as it seems he's not a new cellmate.
  • 19:47:50: "local political action group", that sounds so benign.
  • 19:51:03: Aww, poor Roic.
  • 19:51:25: "a cat's breath away", ha!
  • 19:52:31: Ah yes, eggs. :D And their unromantic source. :D
  • 19:54:02: Miles has been Collected.
  • 19:54:37: (3)
  • 19:56:18: Oh nooooo Dr. Durona! (which one?)
  • 19:58:44: "chill the opposition" oh *dear*. Oh dear oh dear oh *dear*.
  • 20:00:57: "Small gifts are for selling things. Large gifts are for hiding things." oooo, nice one.
  • 20:03:26: ... oh of *course* Miles is worried about his rank. *eyeroll*
  • 20:05:09: THWACKING WITH CANES. [not that he was bitchy about rank, but he was *aware* of it. though he really had to be, to survive.]
  • 20:07:06: DNA, of course. Oh, *modern* Barrayarans.
  • 20:08:29: "nice kid", "scary grownup", ha!!!!
  • 20:09:45: hahahahahah oh Barrayarans. I'd say never change, but ... oh Barrayarans. The paranoia! The .. heeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • 20:10:43: (4)
  • 20:12:05: Oh Piotr. Such a tragic old man.
  • 20:13:28: Miles, do you ever learn good things by exploring places you're not meant to go? (I wonder what he'll learn this time.)
  • 20:17:16: Cryo-*co-op* oh my.
  • 20:19:27: Oh, the seizures. Oh Miles. Always with the twisty-talk. You lie like Nick does.
  • 20:26:13: aiiii jiiiiiiin nooooooooooooooooo aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
  • 20:26:56: (5)
  • 20:27:20: Raven! Hi Dr. Durona!
  • 20:28:54: "Chains? You had chains?" ... now the Fish are invading the thing.
  • 20:32:11: Mark intimidates Roic! :D :D :D
  • 20:49:44: Good calling home, Roic.
  • 20:50:08: Poor Johannes.
  • 20:51:33: Protective of one's couriers, goooood.
  • 20:53:29: Oh, at least they put a tracker in there. I bet the tracker's going to cause trouble.
  • 20:54:41: It's kind of a bad day when your *good* explanation is that you were on the bad drugs.
  • 20:58:10: Miles always does seem to stumble onto the most interesting people. Even if they are Tau Cetan beaded lizards.
  • 20:58:34: Hello, Lisa Sato.

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