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From Twitter 10-21-2010: Cryoburn through chapter 6 or 7

  • 20:10:37: Still amused by the lizard thing. And "Hellion". :D :D :D
  • 20:11:44: Oh! Mummies! Egyptian gods! I'd missed that nuance first time through.
  • 20:12:54: Skud will probably like the shirtporn. EVEN THE SMALL CHILD NOTICES THE SHIRTPORN. MILES HAS GOOD SHIRTS.
  • 20:18:14: The concept of hallucinating chickens still fills me with hilarity and glee.
  • 20:19:57: Oh wait, Miles is no longer younger than I am. That's not half as scary as the thought that I might be older now still.
  • 20:20:54: Scavenging tourists. :D
  • 20:27:20: Beatrice, with chickens. *unhappily reminisces*
  • 20:29:30: Off-worlder, onna leash!
  • 20:33:31: "Paragraph grenades". I want one. I want a whole bandolier full.
  • 20:34:47: (now into chapter 2 again)
  • 20:35:19: Oh, I bet that Miles can be an infuriating superior when he's still crunching the evidence in his head and hasn't yet got conclusions.
  • 20:36:13: The hint about Komarr planetary government shares is interesting.
  • 20:46:12: The NHLL will lecture on the slightest provocation, I see.
  • 20:52:15: Cola. Too early in the morning for cola. Oh, Miles. :D
  • 20:53:36: Beta Colony. Leader in human services. Also paperwork.
  • 20:54:16: (3)
  • 20:58:54: I think I like Suze.
  • 21:00:07: That line: "It's a taste you acquire when you're older. Rather like an interest in girls." Oh Miles.
  • 21:06:02: All cats are grey in the dark, but not all Barrayarans are short. :D
  • 21:08:00: Barrayarans. Terrifying, if you're unprepared. Poor Jin.
  • 21:16:03: Werewolf. Does Miles make a habit of ... [and here I mourn Taura, surely several years dead now]
  • 21:19:27: (now into Chapter 4) Miles imagines the scariest stuff. Also, I wonder if the lights were the angels from earlier. Odd angels, those.
  • 21:23:28: The whole section around "What happens if the law changes" ... I like Tenbury. A lot. He's the sort of practical idealist I want to be.
  • 21:24:23: Jin's rats sound adooooooooorable.
  • 21:24:41: (Also, chickens. Miles really underestimates the comfort of a friendly hen.)
  • 21:26:51: It really is a visceral fear, getting caught by the authorities if you're avoiding family.
  • 21:26:56: (5)
  • 21:30:43: If I didn't suspect Roic of being not only monogamous but heterosexual, I'd ship Roic/Raven for the hell of it. :D :D :D
  • 21:32:06: I like Raven Durona. (Oh dear, I need to get a last name for my character Raven, lest we get confused.)
  • 21:34:11: I like the nice Roic's-eye sum-up of Mirror Dance. Safest perspective.
  • 21:35:25: Patient C. I ... *see*. *eyes widen* (Poor Roic.)
  • 21:38:03: Roic has *skills*, if he can get through to the right people.
  • 21:39:47: Miles + caffeine = OTP. Distraction from rant = hilarity.
  • 21:41:29: Miles frustrates his chains of command up and down. Good thing he's only got Gregor and Ekaterin on top now. Vorlynkin is *steamed*.
  • 21:42:18: (6) [god I don't want to go to bed now, but I really should]
  • 21:43:00: "High in protein and vitamins, tasting like chocolate-coated putty with kitty litter-some horrors were universal, it seemed." *snerk*
  • 21:44:23: I am sure that the presence of a Lord Auditor has a galvanizing effect on any communications tight-room. [weird term, that.]
  • 21:45:30: I <3 Rowan Durona.
  • 21:46:40: (don't rock the boat)
  • 21:47:43: Roic seems painfully straightforward and not much of an actor, taxed even by the thought of pretending to accept a bribe.
  • 21:49:02: Dude, do not taunt the birds of prey. They will end you.
  • 21:50:37: Uncle Hikaru has the same space-estimate of kitchens as my family.
  • 21:51:20: Unexpected allies. Yay Mina!
  • 21:52:02: "harbored the launderizer". hee. I will start calling the washer-and-dryer thing in my kitchen closet "the launderizer".
  • 21:54:37: I think I'd best zzzthunk.

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