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Old stuff: shopping and steampunk (October 15 & 16)

Friday 10/15/2010
Shopping with Tif. She works in Oakland now, so we were going after dinner there. Her original idea for dinner involved more tricky hunting for parking places (and hiking from parking places) than I was comfortable with at that point in time (between sleep, blood sugar, and mobility). So we pulled over somewhere out of the main fray to Google about for other things. Fuddruckers it was! Somehow I had not heard the phrase "deer and beer" before. I found it hysterical.

After dinner, we headed down to Teacake, the little favorite cupcake shop thattaway. There were some pumpkin cupcakes. We gave each other the Look. seanan_mcguire had just that afternoon said on Twitter that she would be signing, and to not leave her there with a pile of books looking forlorn...

We calculated the distance. We decided it would work out, logistically. We got a pair of pumpkin cupcakes. We zoomed, dodgy directions that had us detouring and all.

We made it there before she left, and shared cupcakes and had a nice comfortable chat, with plenty of giggling.

After that, there was a Trader Joe's right in the same parking lot. Win! And it was open until 10pm! Double win! Tried to explain the story of "Conveniently located" to Tif. This one goes back to my freshman year of high school. There was this guy, let's call him Bugs Potter. He decided, on the first day of school, that setting up the two dorkiest dorks together would be the most hilarious funtimes activity ever. I was Dork Number One. (Happily for all concerned, I also saw the potential for hilarity in all this, and began taking notes; this would eventually develop into my forever-doomed-to-be-unpublished unfinished novel Much Ado About Star Trek Ectogenesis.) A dude, we shall call him Scott Brightside, was Dork Number Two. (Fun fact: Scott Brightside and my BFF Darkside share the same first name, and high school photos of Darkside show that he was a dead ringer for Scott in that era. I had to ask and double check when I saw that.) I fell for Scott hard. Scott, for his part, was not intrigued. You can imagine the sort of shenanigans that ensued. Bugs made every effort to have his shipping work out. When I was observed reading Star Wreck VI: Geek Space Nine, Bugs claimed that Scotty "[had] Star Wreck 1-6, conveniently located, right by his bed!" As that got a reaction out of me, he would embroider upon this theme, to my general horror.

I don't recall Tif's response to the description of the bullying from Bugs being particularly printable.

We proceeded to the next stop: Walmart, for lo, Mr. Kitty needs litter. My knee was really not happy with me, so I found a nice place to sit, and sat. This was also the night that the new Abney Park album, The End of Days, was released. There was a chat party to celebrate this, with hilarity and funtimes in the channel #TheEndofDays on I experimented with my phone and found that it did too do Mibbit. I hung out in the chatroom on Mibbit (nursing my gimpy knee) as Tif shopped. Much hilarity was had.

(Eventually, the chat moved over to #steampunk, also on Various people idle there, and sometimes there is also chatting.)

A week later, Jayekitty finally got it up:!/druidsfire/status/28371284298
Hey, @captianrobert, Abney Park IRC Transcript available at:

6:25 PM 10/16/2010
Friday: shopping with Tif.
Saturday: dog shenanigans with aunt.
Thursday and Saturday's fruits and vegetables: (The squash is not a pumpkin, which is taken SERIOUSLY AS A VEGETABLE in Australia. In the US it's furniture. :-P )

When you've got, what, four labs (two yellow, two black) in one yard at the same time, you've got to expect that there will be Shenanigans. There was romping all over the yard. I believe Mr. Poodle also got involved.

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