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Old stuff: social, netbook, NaNo (Oct 24-28)

11:13 AM 10/25/2010
Yesterday (Sunday, 10/24): Due to the Google Summer of Code mentor conference, Dre and Fey were in town. This resulted in an impromptu meetup at the In'N'Out nearest them, which involved giggling, gossip, shoptalk, and blatant bribery. Funtimes were had by all. I conferred with [personal profile] norabombay on the way back, for great justice. Spurred by that conversation, today I have now compared the price of fixing the netbook to the price of a new one.

So then I went down to Microcenter, having done my research, and got a refurbished, open-box netbook, which was already on sale. With repair coverage should it fail in its first year. Also a small portable keyboard (though it turns out the thing's own keyboard is easier to use on a coffeeshop table, so I can stop toting that around), an on-sale open-box Microsoft ergonomic keyboard (which is LOVE) for the desktop, a proper padded case, and a tiny screwdriver. The salesdude was entertained by my squeefulness over the screwdriver.

My ergonomic keyboard never leaves me bored on Twitpic

Microsoft Natural Keyboard Elite

This keyboard is one of the best things to happen to my writing recently. It's boosted my typing speed so that it feels nigh unto telepathic; my typing has to stop to keep up with my thinking sometimes, which is amazing. It's a whole different class of typos -- I used to get more typos that were my brain running ahead of my fingers. Fewer of those now.

9:33 PM 10/25/2010
People who might get on with each other: [personal profile] ursamajor, [personal profile] amalnahurriyeh.

The 26th featured some fabulous caramelized apple-raisin bacon sauce which went nicely on vanilla ice cream. It wanted lemon peel, apparently.

# Tuesday, 1631: @mathsie Reserve bacon grease from frying up a few strips. Slice green apples. Add brown sugar, cinnamon, ginger, raisins.
# Tuesday, 1631: @mathsie Not sure where the lemon peel comes in. But then you cook it until it is a mass of caramelized deliciousness, and put on ice cream.
# Tuesday, 1634: @mathsie I had apples and bacon grease, and wasn't sure what to do with either, so I improvised it to see how it would come out.

Also from the 26th: one of the chatfish joked that the chatfish were a cult. So we went through together. we didn't numerically score things, but mostly we want the person who cracked and deleted things in SRB's journal to get slapped a lot, we'd like the haters to stay over in haterville and stop poking her with sticks, and we'd prefer that when chatfish and marmfish in general inevitably move to new fandoms, that they at least send us postcards and tell us where the new shiny is so we can share the squee too. Also, homophobia makes us sad and there are lectures. So really the most cultish feature is that we'd like people to read the books because they're lovely fun.

12:21 PM 10/27/2010
It gets better when you find a supportive community who accepts you for who you actually are, and helps you become the best self that you can be. For me, that happened even before I realized that I was not straight. (I may eventually make and post an It Gets Better of my own, but the thinky-thoughts are rattling around in my brain, and they're not quite ready to come out yet.) is the Gay Men's Chorus of Los Angeles singing "True Colors". And I think I may be a bit weepy today.

4:26 PM 10/27/2010
Monday (10/25): The dogsitting windfall was enough to let me go to Microcenter and get a new netbook, the price and benefits of a new netbook comparing favorably to repairing the old one. Conferred with [personal profile] amberfox and [personal profile] norabombay.

Once I had the netbook and the new keyboard, I installed the Windows Scrivener beta and began poking at it. I have been excited about the concept of Scrivener ever since the first time [personal profile] synecdochic mentioned it. I immediately went hypersonic and started filling out notecards with plot points that I was going to start shoving around.

I also addressed the wireless problem from my Time of Power Instability, and found that yes, indeed, I was "linksys"; I removed a random leech, then brought it up as "asylum" once more.

I brought the netbook to bed with me, with it and Scrivener, and I was going through the NaNo example document -- and I just fell flat on my face from exhaustion. Which, well, it was good that I was in bed, huh.

Last night's (Tuesday, 10/26) hilarity:
Plan: join the guys for Glee.
Actual: Picked up Tif for dinner and a Trader Joe's run before Glee. We went to iHop, where we were baffled to learn that iHop's burgers now have bacon mixed into the meat. I like bacon, but I'm with Tif in declaring that bacon should be a choice. I know people who keep kosher, I know people who keep halal, I know people who are sensitive to pork outside of any religious convictions (this is why my 2001-2005 household switched to turkey pepperoni, because an upset stomach is no fun at all), I know people who carefully watch their fat intake (and a burger isn't the best thing for that, but there are *degrees* here), and there are probably more things that I'm not even thinking of.

The waiter claimed that they did not have any regular beef burgers, but Tif looked through the menu and found that they had beef patties for the patty melt, and the waiter checked and found that one could indeed substitute the beef'n'bacon burger with the beef patty from the patty melt.

Aside from dietary concerns, though, the thing didn't even taste as good as their regular beef burger. Disappointing! Even though I like bacon in general, if we go back there (it's no longer geographically convenient) and if I get a burger (another if), I think it'll be the pure beef patty for me too.

The netbook was brought out and inspected. Tif asked in passing why there were other logins with administrator access to the machine besides me, and my response was "Because they have them." As a rule, most people who might use one of my machines for a few minutes wouldn't get their own login. They'd either be supervised under mine, or have a guest login. But some people that I'm around regularly do get a login, and some of them do get administrator rights. I haven't particularly examined why. They just do. I trust them not to make changes that I wouldn't approve on my machine (no matter how they administrate their own machines, I expect that they would comport themselves thoughtfully on mine), and I trust that if it is needful, they would do something -- like updating the antivirus, or whatever. It occurred to me that there was a strong correlation between people allowed to have admin rights on my computer, and people allowed to see me if I've completely melted down. And people with admin rights tend to be computer people. And people with logins tend to be people who would have reason to be using my computer regularly, or might develop reason to be using my computer regularly. The current new shiny has four active logins: one for me, one for my best friend (who always gets a login on any device, no matter that he's no longer local), one for JD (who is local), one limited account for any randoms who might happen to have reason to use the computer.

So then we went to Trader Joe's. And then we went over to JD & Ryan's, and watched Glee.

This was the RHPS episode, and while it was flawed, it also did not do what I feared it would do. RHPS is so very old and campy and low-budget. Weekly tv shows can afford to have more whizbangpow slickly produced numbers than one can find in RHPS. I wasn't aware until it was over that I was afraid that Glee would take RHPS and re-do it so slick and pretty and modern and plastic that you'd hold up the Glee version to the original and want to cry, the new version was so pretty and soulless, and the old one had so much lower production values but is now worn comfortable like a handmade antique quilt.

Then I took Tif home, and came up as she had a few things she'd turned up in cleaning out her closets that might fit me. And some did! Hilarious funtimes were had by all, and I had bad ideas about Facebook and how it was to work with this year's NaNo draft.

11:31 PM 10/27/2010
I have got "Crossfire" in my head:

5:18 PM 10/28/2010
My knees have been doing poorly, but I've been experimenting around with walking differently to see if that will help. I do see a bit of improvement.

11:09 PM 10/28/2010
The NaNo meet-and-greet was massively entertaining, and I have a new sub-plot, one that ties in VERY NICELY to Susan's thing. I thought that Susan was effectively the area Senior (which title is totally from the YW series, but it's a useful shorthand). APPARENTLY SHE IS NOT. I mean, she has been Senior to the whole area pretty much, and acting as such for her area of influence, but apparently she has a Senior herself. And, heh, heh, heh, heh. (See, Moppy asked about The Neutral Denny's. So I said a few things. And, well. Heh. Heeeeeee.)

So long story short, at least part of the crew from The Necromancer's Prayer is coming in, due to ... complications ... with Amber's Senior. (Which is, uh, a term that's sort of lifted from the Young Wizards books, and I may have to either mention where it comes from or find something else, but.) I was all gleefully giddy about this last night.

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