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11/7/2010 (Sunday) Meeting up with Tria!

Stayed up a bit late; hooray time change. empresstria and I were planning to meet up in the city; the meetup coincided with a NaNoWriMo write-in. Tria pinged me at some point in the late-ish evening to mention that morning stuff might run long, and perhaps we could meet sometime that was later than noon -- like, three? I was amenable to this, particularly given my sleep schedule of late.
Woke up with the alarm, yay. Got all showered and stuff, also with the getting dressed. Tria hopped into the chat and we plotted a bit.

At the same time, chat was talking about various forms of energy drink and other caffeine substrate. Someone mentioned mana and healing potion energy drinks, which I had seen but never tried. I got the bright idea that I should try these today, and therefore I should locate a place that sold them today. So I went searching. (Fry's Electronics carries them, but that was a little out of my way.) There was a place in one of the malls on the way from here to there that supposedly had them. I did a little dance and cheered!

I left at about the same time Tria did. However, I was driving, so I had a little wiggle time. So I stopped in the mall. It was pouring down rain. Lovely! Sadly, there was no such store as the one described in the mall directory, and I didn't feel that I had the time to limp all over the mall in search of it, but the Hot Topic was right there. (I didn't see the lightsabre lip glosses at that one.) There was no mana, nor healing potion, but there was zombie blood -- at buy two, get one free. So I got the three. Also the Hot Topic membership card. Even though goodness knows I rarely actually shop there anymore these days.

I drove in to San Francisco, music loud and window open in the rain, wind ruffling my damp hair. As I went further in and away from the coast, the clouds lifted; I drove in and saw a rainbow above the city. Aww yeah.

Finding parking near the coffee shop was fun. I made a search pattern around the location, and eventually wound up not even 500 feet away (nice!), and got settled in, in what appeared to be the last chair. The room was filled with earnest typers, most sitting one to a table, with laptops, all pointed the same direction, for all the world like a classroom filled with earnest hard workers.

(I was a bit more distracted, but managed to get a decent amount done. Word count wasn't as high as it might have been, but I'm not disappointed with myself. I managed to get a very difficult concept in the relationship of Connie and Mike articulated to myself {also to Tria} and written down in a form that I don't think actively sucks, though of course it is likely to get shredded and revisited later, but such is the nature of the first draft.)

I was amused to note that the coffee shop, the Martha & Bros. at California and Divisidero, was the one that John and I had seen on our bus trip past, the one with the maroon awnings and the font on the awnings similar enough that one wondered where one business started and the next ended, for that was an impressive range of services to be offered by one business.

Tria had been texting me; I went to check my phone to see if there was any other text to say that she'd arrived, and found the phone off. Woops. Because I'd done what I thought was a reboot when it commenced to freaking out when I tried to check in with Foursquare while I was walking from car to coffee shop, right. The text saying that she was at the bus stop, and where to from there, was only three minutes old. I pointed her to the corner and popped myself out, and there she was! Wearing a demon circle and a messenger emblem, with hair much less pink than Mae's! I showed off the random slit that I'd found in my straw, which made sucking on it pretty useless. We both settled in to the coffee shop, both with our laptops, and there turned out to be another chair after all, and we commenced with the writing -- well, the writing, and also the being silly in chat, which resulted in us not actually shouting really rather saucy things out loud in the coffee shop and startling the other patrons. Also, when I say I'm laughing in chat, I'm often actually laughing in real life. I have also an interesting range of laughs, including the "I'm plotting" laugh [and also, as we learned later, the "there is about to be hitting" laugh]. I crack my knuckles when rubbing my hands together gleefully. So does Tria. I crack my wrists too. This is less common for her. (I don't try to pull them sideways or anything; I squeeze them in such a manner that if everything is not aligned to start with, it will become aligned. Sometimes there is a pop.)

Ever heard me attempt to describe the work of that one SPN RPF fan artist, the one with all of those photoshop skills, in terms that are not too blue for the average coffee shop? You may have missed your window of opportunity.

There was gossip. Also, I was wearing a totally badass purple velvet skirt (one of the ones from Tif).

Eventually things started to clear out and get dark, and I proposed that we move on to the next stage of the Heroic Journey: Borderlands. (I pinged Tif, letting her know that we would be coming into the area.) So we did. There was a bicyclist in the lane (as there often is) and traffic was not heavy enough to allow us to safely pass him, so we did not. This was fine as we were still gossiping. Also, City Hall was lit up orange still. (There is a picture of Tria's mom in labor with her at a baseball card convention.)

We arrived at the general Borderlands area, to find that there was generally no parking to be had. We drove around for some time in search of parking spots. It took some time, and we were well into hilarity, and vocal love of back alleys. We finally found a spot -- on the other side of the street. A quick (and probably illegal) U-turn later, I pulled forward into the red zone to back into the spot ... to find that some guy had commenced pulling into the spot behind me. DUDE. I held my position, and eventually the guy pulled up, and we rolled our windows down, and he asked if I was parking in that spot behind. YES. So he drove on, and I claimed the spot. Victory! ... And then we noticed the parking garage adjacent, $2 for the first hour, open until midnight. Oh, heh. *sings songs of parking* And then there was the great gaping hole in my beloved black tote bag. Fortunately I had a spare tote bag to hold my water and all. We set out for Borderlands.

First we looked at books. There were also wooden boxes. Ooo, shiny. Then we went over to the cafe, this being the simplest location for the getting of food. We sat down with our laptops and our various foods, and we wrote, nibbled, giggled, and wrote some more.

At about this point, [personal profile] tiferet pinged back, and we arranged that after we departed from Borderlands, we should descend upon her place, although she was in CLEAN ALL THE THINGS mode. So we did. And there was Meeting of the Kitties, and Introductions, and the ordering of pizza, then some absolute hilarity as it became apparent that whatever it was that Tif had been watching (Dexter, I think?) had become something involving Jackass-like stunts, mostly involving skateboards, in a closed mall. As we eyed it, the guys went to the doors and let in some women wearing very high heels and very short skirts. (From this information, I believe it was the forthcoming Showtime series "Look".) We collapsed into hilarity as it became apparent that they were, in fact, having sex in the dressing rooms.

I got a brilliant idea. "Tria, how would you like to watch something where the main character has approximately the moral sensibility of Nick?" I asked, or words to that effect. Tif knew exactly what I was talking about, <visibility="not-Fairlight"> and soon we were watching the pilot episode of "Profit". Having now seen the series enough that I can sit back and analyze it better, I also see that he's got the cunning-plans ability of Alan, too. Even better! :D </visibility>

When that was over, and the cats had not eaten the pizza, it was time for all of us to go home. Since I was still thoroughly boing-perk!, I volunteered to drive Tria all the way back to the dorms, not just to BART. (Then her roommate called to make sure that she was OK, which was absolutely hilarious.) Also we talked about fic and how one's sex-ed class may not cover the topic of consent well enough, at least not by fandom standards.

Then I drove back home. I wound up chattering with Amber, as is our habit. Good times.

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