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Owners' manual for Just Wireless Blue BT-35k2 Bluetooth headset

Didn't find this on the internet when searching. Did find someone on Yahoo Answers asking for it. Figured I might as well type it up (and clarify a few things) for public service.

I don't recommend this headset for users who cannot see the lights flashing, because the on and off tone for this headset is the same, thus it is hard to know which it is, until you get a call, or don't. [This entry has been edited with insights from a week of owning the thing. I say "a week", because after the second time it interrupted a perfectly good phone call of less than an hour by beeping low-battery at me (coincidentally, the second day with a conversation of more than five minutes) I returned it.]

This headset should work with any device that is Bluetooth version 2.0 compliant and supports headset and/or hands-free profiles. It also has less than three hours of talk time, and thus is only suitable for people who need less than three hours of talk time between charges. It is not suitable for users unable to see its status lights.

The headset can be worn on either ear. Remove the earpiece and flip it to convert.
Ear cushion is removable, if you've got tiny earholes, and can be replaced with something more comfortable, which is the only reason I didn't return it in one day instead of seven.
Headset ships with a lanyard, a charger, and two spare earpieces (one large, one small)
Charger is model BT-10k/35k/37k; input: AC 100v-240v/50-60Hz/100mA; output: DC5v/300mA. Stupid thing doesn't say whether the outer or inner connector is positive, and has a stupidly small pin that I haven't seen on anything else ever, so good luck finding a replacement.

LED indicator light shines/flashes blue or red.

Blue mode indicates active/standby.
- 2 consecutive flashes: not connected to mobile phone. It also beeps in your ear (two tones) while it's doing this, just so you realize that you're burning battery. This is entertaining if your phone needs rebooting and takes more than a minute or so to come back.
- 1 consecutive flash: connected to mobile phone. Silent.
- 5 consecutive flashes: turning off or on. A single tone.

Red mode indicates battery level.
- Flashing red: low battery. The manual charmingly and coyly says "It is suggested to charge the headset at this time." The headset is not half so indirect about it. Rather than letting you enjoy a conversation on the dregs of the battery, it beeps incessantly at you, five tones, starting with low, going to high, and alternating in this pattern, interrupting whoever you were speaking with.
- Solid red: charging. Headset actually cannot be used while charging, if you managed to shove it in your ear despite the abominably short charger cord it comes with.

- Powered off
- Fully charged (if plugged into charger). It allegedly takes about two hours to charge. Given that this is about the talk time, I'm less enthusiastic about this than I used to be. Note that the talk time is not given anywhere in the actual manual that I could find, nor is the standby time. Leaving it sitting around in standby for a day or two drops the talk time by half, to about an hour.

Blue/Red alternating:
- in pairing mode

- Keep headset and phone within 3 feet while pairing. Phone must be compatible with Bluetooth (duh; who writes these?) Start with headset off. Hold power button for 9 seconds, until light flashes red and blue.
- Set up on phone according to phone's manual.
- If phone prompts for a passkey, it is 0000.

Turning On and Off:
- There is a power button. It also does other stuff. Since it is not a switch, it is possible to turn off or on accidentally. Beware sticking the headset in your pocket.
- Turn on by holding down the power button for 4 seconds. Blue light will flash 5 times, headset will beep. Headset will continue to flash blue while on.
- Turn off by holding down the power button for 4 seconds. Blue light will flash 5 times, headset will beep. Headset will remain dark while off, unless charging.
- Beep for off and on sound the same.
- Headset will save power when not in use. Blue light flashes every 3 seconds. Despite the ostensible power-saving features, it is actually not equal to a full two hours or so of chatter during a night about town.

Normal Use:
- Tap power button to answer an incoming call.
- When your headset is connected to your phone, the call automatically goes to your headset when you make an outgoing call; do remember this, because shouting into your phone does not help when the headset's over in your pocket.
- There is a little silver volume rocker on one side of the phone. It is labeled with plus and minus. Minus is toward the mic; plus is toward the ear. Somewhat intuitively, minus lowers the volume, plus raises it.
- Adjust volume by tapping the lower-volume or raise-volume switches. There is no tone to tell you what the current volume is or that the change has been made, unless you've reached the extreme, in which case it will beep at you to tell you that you can go no further.
- If your phone lets you voice command dial, the headset is set up for that. Tap the power button when not on a call. It will beep. Speak the name in your phonebook. Good luck.
- Redial last number: hold lower-volume button for 3 seconds; you should hear a short tone.
- Place a call on hold: When on the call, hold lower-volume button for 3 seconds. To pick up, hold lower-volume button for 3 seconds. This only works if your mobile lets you put people on hold.
- Call waiting: same as hold: the volume-lower button for 3 seconds holds the first caller and switches you to the second; the volume-lower button for 3 seconds again switches you back. Repeat as necessary.
- Hanging up on one caller with call waiting: tap power button, you should be returned to the other caller.
- Ending a call: tap the power button.
- Rejecting a call: hold the power button until you hear a tone (about 4 seconds). If it's already gone to voicemail, this might actually turn off the headset, so watch out for that.


Static and other interference:
- Low battery
- Too far from phone (within 30 feet, or closer, if there are materials that block radio frequency, such as concrete, metal, or a Faraday cage).
- Too close to other RF-emitting devices, such as cordless phones, wireless routers, microwaves.

Can't hear anything:
- Turn up the volume
- Check that it's on
- Check that it's charged
- Check that you've paired it
- Check that it's connected -- though it will tell you this with a pair of beeps every few seconds, when it's on and not connected.

Headset won't connect (sometimes when phone claims it's connected):
- Try pairing it again
- No, really, try pairing it again; the profile may somehow have got deleted on your phone. It happens.

- Power off, please.
- Avoid high temperatures (above 40C/104F) like a hot vehicle, direct sunlight, or Phoenix, Arizona. Storage at high temperatures can affect performance and diminish battery life.
- No word on cold temperatures.
- Keep the headset from getting wet. One assumes that this includes sopping-wet hair and being out in the rain, as well as spilling beverages on it or getting tossed into a body of water such as a river, ocean, lake, or backyard pool.

Tech support:
(888) 753-6957 & ask for technical assistance department. Be sure to have your manual.
Warranty return at same number, or

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