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Goodbye, 2010; hello, 2011.

A new year's entry!

I'm not up to properly summing up the past year, really, let alone the past decade. Not right now. I wasn't really planning to, and now I'm headed out with my aunt to a game party in about an hour, so I don't have actual time, particularly given that I'm sitting here in my wet hair and towel (wet hair and towel entry! Sort of like a wet hair and towel call, except with a lot bigger audience and a lot less innuendo, and a lot less chance of being interrupted by various siblings and parents) and I need to be dressed by then.

In the past year:

I got more politically active.
I had various technology upsets.
I'm still looking for a fulltime job, but I did have various little freelance projects, mostly dogsitting.
(I was utterly incompetent about actually getting my shit together. See: depression very poorly managed, but at least I'm still alive.)
I left LJ volunteering. (The writeup on that is on my DW on the 24th. I don't really feel like linking, because it's got several cuts and potentially triggery content if you've got problems with animal harm, and it's the sort of thing that other volunteers might not want to read. I mentioned the nightmares, right?)
I'm very lucky to have my family, both my biological family and my chosen family. I have an excellent best friend. I've reconnected with a bunch of people, though sadly many of them are on Facebook.
I met four out of five MythBusters, plus JD Nelson and the late Sanjay Singh.
I finished NaNoWriMo, again. Once I pick up Book 3 of the Cracked Phoenix trilogy (which is turning into the three-book cycle of The Works of Bozo) and make sure the first draft of that is finished, I can go back through Book 1 and incorporate everything that will make Book 3 make sense.
I'm coming into my own as far as being able to explain complex technical topics to non-technical audiences, accurately.
Related, I made curry for the first time.
I started taking vitamins B and D as supplements, and I've had a lot more energy since then. Hmm.
I got a Cr-48 from Google!!!!

Even though there were a bunch of things that were really really awful, I'm finishing out this year feeling a lot better and less stressed than last year, so I think that in balance, 2010 was pretty good.

Since the beginning of 2001, I've fallen out of love, in love, had a really lot of amazing sex, had a really lot of celibacy, owned my calling as a computer person, got comfortable with the internet, realized I had more than one novel in me, got my brain far better under control, became more of an adult than I really thought I'd ever be, did my few years as a co-parent, became more assured and less hidden in my religion, and met some really awesome people on the internet.

Here's to 2011.

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