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(Old stuff: January 26) Explosions and community management

[04:42] * RWHell 's depths emit a sudden roar as it expels a small explosion. (stayed in Hell for 1 day)
[04:43] Kii: EXPLOSIONS! \o/ best present ever

In [community profile] insomnia: How I am tracking my sleep "schedule" with Google Calendar and a smartphone

I ranted and raved about stupid facebook games.

Fun online community manager meetup. I was not quite the target sort of online community. I was afraid I'd be late, and there were bus shenanigans; I wound up doing a quickmarch carrying too much in a very dark part of SF with not too many people around.

I went in thinking about building the platforms that house the communities, as well as nurturing the communities; I went out thinking about the communities that could be built with premade tools, and vaguely appalled at some of the branding-and-advertising shenanigans that clueless companies engage in.

Some of the things I brought away:

A chain of escalation is important. When shit goes down, you'd better know who to call, and whether it warrants waking them up (and you'd better have a means to wake them up, or know who to call in order to wake them up.)

I keep track of people and what they do and are good at, and what they should be kept away from in my head. There are apparently also tools for that.

Apparently my main need was to figure out why what I was doing worked, because I did it in suggestions without quite knowing what I was doing, but it worked. Now I want to know how.

"Let's get social!" is not a goal. I will personally fishslap any Dreamwidth person who says this. I have a stuffed trout. Don't make me use it.

A fellow in the audience was asking questions; I started schooling him from my experience on Twitter, since the main track of the talk wasn't what he was looking for. we wound up networking after that, and had great fun chatting after the speaker wound up.

Trying to keep something absolutely strictly on-topic is no fun; excess off-topic conversations distract, but coming down like a ton of bricks on them make people afraid to open up, and opening up builds community. When you do promote users from the community to positions of more power, make sure they're people you can work with.

Cross-posting can be used for good and evil; good is where you share something relevant with the whole class and acknowledge where it came from; bad is when you try to force a community built on another platform to go where they don't want to go (see: places that work solely on Facebook).

The walk back was a little better; I picked a better path, and went more slowly. I think I detoured through Whole Foods, too. I did not get the interesting-looking red/blue food color, but I thought about it. (Clearly made with an indicator.)

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