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Full circle

It's happening.

My chatfish have started to read the books of Lois McMaster Bujold. Some have already read all the adventures of Miles. Now they are drawing the rest of the fish in, slowly but surely, with shrieks of enthusiasm and discovery.

I discovered the Bujold List when I was sixteen. It would have had to have been then: it was my junior year English class when I wrote the paper that led me to the internet to research and see what critical reviews of the Vorkosigan series I could find. And I was sixteen my junior year of high school.

I joined the email list in fairly short order. The Listees are a fabulous bunch of folks, who collectively became my internet "parents", teaching me sound principles of good, ethical, and cooperative behavior on the internet. Star Trek was my first fandom, but the Bujold List was my first internet fandom. I met so many wonderful friends there.

Now my fish are showing interest in the books. I've been trying my best to be a good fishmum. Now they're coming around to the same fannish waters where my journey of internet fandom was spawned.

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