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A crew of drunken pirates: Abney Park in Oakland

Abney Park yay! Tif and I went; we met up with People there!! I shared a sip of my energy drink with Fairlight (he and Jim are in town for Mother's Day Weekend, apparently) and I got the impression that he may wind up doing Things in his kitchen and coming up with a brew that satisfies his very exacting standards. Everyone was dressed AMAZINGLY AWESOMELY. Whump's hat!!! Fairlight's VEST OMG.

Swing Goth puts these things on, and they tend to have dance lessons beforehand. Those were running late. I had a nice chat with someone in there.

This venue was nice and big. With a few exceptions, I liked it better.

We showed up around about opening time. There were already people there. There was a bit of a hunt for parking: I saw some likely-looking spaces at first, but had hoped to get something a bit closer.

DNA Lounge is usually fucking packed. This was not, which was very nice. I located some nice seats in the bar area. A small child with a Nintendo DS joined us. He was in search of a network that would let him connect. Most were locked, but he'd jammed characters in and unlocked one. His mother or someone showed up and teased him about picking up women, and (upon hearing that most of the networks were locked) asked him if he was hacking. He said no. I explained that no, brute-forcing the password is cracking. His mother looked vaguely put-upon, and said that, well, at least it ran in the family. He protested that he didn't even remember the password. Heeeee.

[personal profile] whump said that there might be a security job for that little guy some years down the road. I said hello to the kid's father, who thought this was hilarious. [personal profile] whump, [personal profile] cynthia1960, and others (including, I believe, Purlgirl from the steampunk IRC chat) came in a great big church-type van. CHURCH OF STEAMPUNK.

Tif vanished; I wandered in to the room where there was all the dancing. I saw Nathan, said hi, and got my hug. I chatted with a person in there, and wandered back out for a while. Then it was time to start and we all piled back in. I saw assorted people.

There were not many chairs, and at least twice as many spoonies as chairs. We switched off.

I started in on my energy drink. Vodka + homemade energy drink = *heh*. Eventually I wound up dancing a lot of the set.

There was a break. We went back out and came back in. There were things. There was a hoop-spinner, who was not a fire spinner. However, pretty much the last guy was doing acrobatics on chains while the chains were on fire at the ends. AWESOME.

There was a second set. Holy fuck my feet are killing me. At least it is not my knees. My throat is also unused to all the singing and ululation. Someone was smoking outside. At least it was not

There was consultation about schedules and such. Bees. The CD. Signing. Using the stainless-steel sharpie as a stele.


Next time, there should just be more chairs for the wallflowers and the intermittent wallflowers. Otherwise, pretty much perfect.

Falling asleep in my chair. Goodnight, internet.

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