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Drat You, Dell! ... and other events of the morning

Woke up at the usual ~0520 hour, hammered alarm clock, hammered alarm clock again, went back to sleep. Woke up again at phone call. Zombied over to phone, heard Marx pick it up, got knock on door that it was for me.

It was the delivery service. Dell had neglected to supply them with my apartment number. At instruction, I left a signed note, "I am expecting a delivery from Dell", so they could leave it were I not there.

Stumbled off to school. Hung with Darkside for a short bit; he had gotten some of the cinnamon quasi-jellybean candies, and had amused himself by setting his mouth on fire earlier; now he amused himself by setting mine on fire. He had a lab to get to; I had Take It Apart & Put It Back Together, this time working with the OS. Linux, today's subject.

Sheldon is unaware of some of the vast store of trivia that I have gleaned by reading the jargon file; I shared some of my wealth of knowledge with him. I hunted down the original Usenet post about Linux on Google, for his information. Teacher's pet, anyone? I'm just hoping this fun stuff will filter back to future classes. Researcher, me?

In the break between hours of lecture, Dawn gave me a rather large plastic baggie filled with spearmint and peppermint. Mmmm. Yummy smell. On advice, I have the bag open to allow the herbs to not moulder in their own moisture. To the eye untrained in legal herbalism, it looks like I'm carrying around a rather large baggie filled with something ... other than mint.

I also discovered that I deal far better with Darkside's babbling when sleep-deprived. When fully awake, I contest for equal conversation space. When half-asleep, I sit next to him, completely content to merely hear the sound of his voice, whatever he's talking about. When awake, I prefer to talk about topics of common interest -- anime is often better than RPG's.

I intend to have lots of fun with Tigereye, as soon as she's restored power and restored full functionality after whatever the hell Echo did to her while she was awake after he made repairs to her first cord.

Ask Mama to mail some Alaskan chamomile and wild roses

Blue German chamomile: smells really nasty by itself, but is excellent on removing blemishes, as is a natural steroid

Check out Corel WordPerfect for Linux (mm, yummy, I love WordPerfect: it was the first program I used).

Check out SuSE, Mandrake, Slackware (

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