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More evidence in favor of conversations between Azz & Juls requiring supervision: ImpSec jewelry

About that NSFW ImpSec jewelry thing, the conversation, reconstructed from Twitter:

[ profile] decontextual: "God save me from another such victory." #vorkosigan #icryeverytime #whyisthisbookmyfavorite
[ profile] decontextual: "You lied to *Illyan?*" Oh Ivan. It really is bone-deep, isn't it. #secretagentivan #vorkosigan #myfanonistotallycanon
[ profile] decontextual: I, I'm wearing my tin hat. It's very shiny.

[ profile] azurelunatic: @decontextual OH SIMON #vorkosigan #contemplatingeyetattoo

[ profile] decontextual: @azurelunatic Really? On your throat? That sounds sexy. I kind of want that now.

[ profile] azurelunatic: @decontextual Like, collarbone. #impsecforever #vorkosigan

[ profile] decontextual: @azurelunatic *fans self* I um. Collarbones. Damn it, I would have to admit to my mother that I get tattoos.

[ profile] azurelunatic: @decontextual It's something that I'd think very twice about getting on account of workplaces. But. Still. #impsecforever #vorkosigan

[ profile] decontextual: @azurelunatic If I did not live in valley of hell I would say "button up shirts for formal workplaces forever" and go for it.

[ profile] azurelunatic: @decontextual Brain immediately suggests silver eye nipple rings. MY EYES ARE UP HERE DAMMIT
[ profile] azurelunatic: @decontextual Not sure what this says about my brain
[ profile] azurelunatic: @norabombay Silver eye nipple rings. Blame sleep dep & @decontextual.

[ profile] decontextual: @azurelunatic Huh i do have pins but intended for collars not piercings. Imagining nipple shield style with nipple as pupil.
[ profile] decontextual: @azurelunatic Impsec nipple shields. NSFW? Pastels. She has no navel, I assume because she is a CLONE.

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