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Folsom 2011

Folsom, yay!

Got a bit of a late start, but this year at least I was starting out fully lathered in sunscreen. Yay, sunscreen. It did make me feel a bit sticky and gross, but I figured that I would wind up sweating anyway, and better a bit sticky and gross and not burned than sticky and gross anyway and burned to boot.

This year I went for a bit of exhibitionism again, but this time on purpose. I wore my usual long black skirt and knee-high stockings and black cardigan, but instead of the usual black shirt, I started out with a tied-up pink and grey workout shirt that was basically a bra, and then a purple tank top over that. As soon as I got inside the gates (pausing to say "Bless you" to the guy who comes out to a lot of these things with the "Jesus loves you" sign -- on the one hand, he is a colleague and due a certain amount of respect based on that; on the other, *very few things fuck with their heads more than lovingkindness from a kinky-ass witch*) the tank top came off. (The hat stayed on.)

Since I had made plans to meet up with [personal profile] chagrined and Triafish, I was wearing a token of recognition: the button with the fanciful Dreamwidth 'd' on it. [personal profile] chagrined and I exchanged photos from our phones. I ducked into Wicked Grounds for a bit. It was amazingly crowded, and the line for the bathroom was not short. I chilled out with an ice cream sandwich. I evadeded the dread ice cream headache.

There was still some time yet, so I wandered around the fair a bit. It was amazingly crowded as usual. I passed by the Planned Parenthood booth and spun their little Wheel of Sexytiems, and got a piece on avoiding STIs. I knew a lot of ways to do that: condom, do things that won't expose you to them, get tested regularly... For my smart mouth, I got a tube of lip balm. I looked for the flavor and then burst out giggling, because it was vanilla. It was quite evidently what they had on hand, instead of some form of commentary, but the juxtaposition was too much for my little brain.

I wandered back south again and ran into Joshie. Foursquare had alerted me to his presence in the area, and there indeed he was, with entourage. There was some dude, someone who was introduced as "my new $NAME" (a slip of the tongue that then got left in on purpose for humor value), and then the actual "my new" party, his (new) girlfriend. I tagged along with the party for a while, and then when the crowd got thick at the stage where someone was being tormented with lovely zappy little electrical toys, I split off and went back west again to wait for [personal profile] chagrined.

I got a chicken kebab (whee protein; apparently I'd been low) and located a chair. The guy next to me had a wool jacket carefully hung on a pole or cane that was leaning up against the table. The combination of the guy's appearance and a glimpse of the half-covered and upside-down Laughing Squid logo near his feet told me that this was Frank Chu. He was writing and did not seem to be inclined to any sort of social interaction, so we went about our separate tasks in peace.

Presently [personal profile] chagrined arrived, and we sought Fair Experiences. Off we went! The dynamics of the crowd are a little different with a scooter. Our stickers allowed us to get $2 off drinks, so we went first to the booze tent. I got a margarita. We went south, saw some of the fun stuff, and halted to watch a spanking. Once we were actually positioned to see (see: crowd dynamic funtimes) it was great fun. More fun with crowds, and we had nearly hit 9th ave by the time we figured we should turn around.

Involvement with the Dreamwidth project is fun for much of the family, incidentally, and beginning devs are encouraged. ;) (yes, this was an actual subject of our conversation at a kink street fair. Miss Lunatic is nothing if not predictable at some points.) (Conversation with Joshie and friends: also about LJ/DW, in some part.)

After some back and forth, we met Tria and her party in front of the stage, and poked around for a little bit. Spankings continued; morale improved. We also ran into a friend-of-a-friend, which was pleasant.

Then we went back to check out the kabobs and hot dogs. On our way back, we passed an amazing scene where someone was bound and suspended from a crosswalk sign. AMAZING.

We got lunches, mostly kebabs but I got a hot dog. Innuendo ensued, with people using English majors for maximum hilarity.

Tria and her party split off, and [personal profile] chagrined and I wandered around a bit more. I saw a guy with a slightly blobbier paddle than usual, and that kicked my brain on all of a sudden.

[20:57] Azz> I decided something today at Folsom.
[20:57] Azz> One day, I will have a paddle in the shape of a large trout.
[20:58] * fatty|work dies laughing
[21:00] Inoru> lol!
[21:00] Inoru> that'd be a conversation starter!
[21:03] Azz> ... and my VARIOUSLY APPALLING CHARACTERS have decided to share again.
[21:03] Azz> Mike owns one. :D:
[21:03] fatty|work> is that a happysad face?
[21:03] Azz> yes
[21:04] Inoru> or a happyhorrified face
[21:04] Azz> ... yes.
[21:04] fatty|work> aha :)
[21:04] Azz> I think it is touching that Mike is okay with sharing details of his life that he wouldn't share with a stranger with me, his author, but SOMETIMES I DID NOT NECESSARILY NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS.
[21:05] Azz> He helpfully adds that in this case it's not too much information, because Connie takes one look at him brandishing it and falls over giggling, so they don't get to use it, er, seriously...
[21:06] fatty|work> ...
[21:07] Inoru> LOL
[21:07] Azz> my characters, folks. my dear *sweet* characters.
[21:08] Inoru> your characters are epic. I would read about them just for the humor of that scene

Both [personal profile] chagrined and I were wearing out, so we headed for home after looking at a few more booths. I didn't get to see the whole thing, and didn't see either that corset booth where I'd meant to say hello, nor the one dude with the tattoos, alas. I said hello and got a button at the PFLAG booth. I explained "fish" in context of Tria (marmalade_fish) and the basic history of the Endless Chat.

There were paramedics by the BART elevator, but they let us through without any argument, and after a bit of hilarity we parted for our separate trains.

I got a car wash on the way home, because the poor car was starting to feel very unloved. [personal profile] zarhooie called. HI KAT.

And now it is time for bed.

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