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1st 911 call from a bus

I'm ok, just rattled.

So there I was having missed BART, on the 14 Mission muni bus, and we're driving down Mission and we get to the corner of Mission and San Juan (as I found later on a map) and from outside the bus I hear a woman's voice yelling "Stop! Stop!" I see a woman with long dark hair wearing high high heels standing under the overhanging roof of the door of a business (well-lit, yellow light) and a man standing in front of her trying to force their faces together. As the bus lurched away I saw her twisting her torso away from him, still yelling. He was taller, with short dark hair, both of them medium build.

The next intersection I saw was Persia. I didn't even know for sure we were still on Mission. I asked the driver if she could call someone. She told me to make the call. So I called 911 and gave the best location and description of what was happening and the people that I could, and left my number and first name. An officer called me back and I was able to tell him more precisely as it had become garbled in the relay.

I hope she's okay.

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