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Sophie has given the chatfish a new toy.

[personal profile] sophie has a Markov-chaining MegaHAL bot which she's named Botfish (name courtesy of [profile] eternal_vows) and trained on the chatfish IRC logs. This results in much hilarity. Some samples:

[22:07] <Azz> Bot, chains
[22:07] <Botfish> Bit, keep sleeping or eating, and it's been better with chains.
[22:07] <Fig-Bit> NO

[22:07] <Eveandriss> Bot, chains
[22:07] <Botfish> Chains make everything better.

[22:08] <Eveandriss> Bot, chains
[22:08] <Botfish> I love you more than whips and chains.

[23:30] <Eveandriss> Bot, Bit love.
[23:30] <Botfish> Love you all, i want that book lol.
[23:30] <Eveandriss> Bot, bit?
[23:30] <Botfish> Bit, download music, read fic, write nano, watch skins or read fic?
[23:30] <Fig-Bit> Wha...? Is this a trick question? write nano, of course.
[23:31] <jeshyr> We have our bots well trainved!
[23:31] * Eveandriss coughs at the sleeping Play

[23:31] <Eveandriss> Bot, Jamie
[23:31] <Botfish> Oh, poor jamie. His sister is home and force me to come to either.
[23:32] <Botfish> Send nick to hell.
[23:32] <Eveandriss> Bot, Alan/Nick
[23:32] * RWHell sneaks out a scaly hand and grabs nick!
[23:32] <Eveandriss> LOL
[23:32] * RWHell 's depths emit a sudden roar as it expels Hnikkar with a knife. (stayed in Hell for 101 days)
[23:32] <Eveandriss> ...lmao

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