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More fun with icons!

laliandra asked me about these icons:

Keywords: bees, hivemind
Comment: Context:
Description: A cartoon bee flying. Captioned "that'll give you, er, BEES."

So there's the metaquotes story, of course, and there's also how I have come to be associated with bees in general. Once upon a time, a group of the chatfish tried to Skype. My connection was bad and I sounded all buzzy. Therefore, I was clearly MADE OF BEES. Also, [personal profile] jld's go-to "THIS IS WRONG AND HORRIBLE AND AAA" concept also involves bees.

Keywords: RECMA
Comment: Rahm Emanuel's Colorful Metaphor Academy: The only way this will make sense is <^>rahmbamarama, and maybe not
Description: Rahm Emanuel's Colorful Metaphor Academy: fkn student

Rahm Emanuel is a US politician who is known for various generally inappropriate and appallingly hilarious stuff, and being profane in contexts when perhaps he should be professional. Naturally he has a fan club of fangirls, and at one point there was an initiative to have a swearing class in honor of him.

Keywords: end badly
Comment: Quote from SGA "No Man's Land"
Description: Operation 'This will most likely end badly' is a go.

I picked up this icon before I knew the source of the quote. It just reminded me of so many beautiful moments full of potential OMG NO. I love the potential energy of things that are about to go very badly wrong, preferably fictionally so no one is actually getting hurt.

Keywords: tin of beans
Comment: I was there when you made that tin of beans *explode*. I saw you put *rice* in a toaster once.
Description: The Demon's Covenant by [ profile] branquignole

This is totally a double-duty icon. It is both fannish, and also related to That Idiot Shawn and the Can of Beans.

Keywords: Nine
Comment: [personal profile] azurelunatic and Calico circa 1989; photo
Description: Girl in pink lying on couch with hen on her foot.

That is me at about age 9, lying on my parents horrible (and now gone) orange couch, with my feet in the air and my best friend Calico standing on my foot. Calico was the loveliest hen. I didn't think that she was particularly pretty, because she didn't have the beautiful white hackle that her sister Aurora did, but she was wonderful and cheerful and had the most interesting things to say about everything. She was my favorite, and she sometimes laid eggs in my hand.

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