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NaNoWriMo 2011 Scorecard

Years participating in NaNoWriMo: 2003-present
Years won NaNoWriMo: 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010, 2011
Deadline: 11:59:59 2011-11-30, 50,000 words
Actual: 11:51~, 50,002 words (hyphenated words counting as one, BOOYA!)
Scrivener word count: counts hyphenated words as separate
NaNo word count: counts hyphenated words as one
Plot: first draft complete, in major disorder, with some elided/missing/unfinished scenes
Bonus: PORN (uncounted after validation, some written after midnight)
Initial title: Cracked Phoenix: When Lilith Attacks
Current (working) title: Cracked Phoenix: Grey Law
Starting concept: Amber and Raven's relationship: IT'S COMPLICATED. Also, gods.
Current concept: The Founding of the Neutral Denny's (also Amber and Raven's relationship, Raven's search for a name, Max's search for a career (last minute plot point what), Max and Raven's virginity-related quest, numerous explosions, Raven's deity-related problems, and a group of out-of-control magic users)
Intentional Oglaf references: 1 (Max's experiments with the Red Book get entertaining a la cumsprite)
Bechdel Test: Pass
Racial diversity: needs mega work in subsequent drafts
Unexpected character-based connections to other books in the series: 2
Books that previously had no hard character-based connection gaining one: 1
Characters who casually use ASL to emphasize what they're saying: 1 (partially deaf brother is offstage)
Characters modeled after author: 0
Characters vaguely resembling author's cousin: 1
Single-paragraph joke characters who stuck around and made it into the boss battle team: 1
Actively sympathetic Satanist characters: 1 (the ~1998 Powerbook-wielding Satanist web developer who dresses like Steve Jobs but with black jeans needs to be a stock character, ok?)
Satanist bad guys: 0
Triads: 2 (surprise!! (both of them))
Triads that will persist into Circle of Fire era: < 2 (One I knew about not making it, the other there's no data either way)
Characters who will likely get set up with a Nice Jewish Girl someday after their triad dissolves: 1
Nudity: gratuitous
Unexpected major character deaths: 1
People ejected from funeral: 9+
Condom use: Yes
STD testing: Yes
Intentional inclusions of degree programs mentioned on MythBusters: 1 Crossposted. comment count unavailable comments. Sign in with OpenID (use your LJ URL), confirm an email address, and leave a comment.

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