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From your internets, stealing your snails

Today I discovered what lurks in [personal profile] norabombay's building's laundry room: really, not much of anything, but it's chilly. Also, stairs. Ow. I also discovered coffee or something that had been sticky before it dried splashed on the corner of my lovely black wool trenchcoat. Alas! It did wash right out, though, and I hung it up to dry over the bathroom radiator. (Mmm, radiators. So lovely.)

Nora got home from work and we got ready to go out on the town. I got dolled up in my performative femininity (for me, this involves eyeshadow and glitter; skirts are just standard) and Nora described the way that Tucker will get in arguments with people over electric blankets. (Tucktuck wants the electric blanket ON, tyvm, and will let you know this.)

There was a parking spot within a block and a half of the restaurant (Tapas Barcelona). It would have been a pleasant little walk if it hadn't been so chilly out; it was ~23 and kept dropping.

[personal profile] domtheknight and daydreamer were there! Hooray! We started out at one of the tall tables, but that wasn't working out so well; a short table cleared up and we wound up there instead. Dom told hilarious tales of how [personal profile] zarhooie had ordered the snails the last time they were there, and no one else wanted to share them, so Kat ate all the snails. Octopus was right out, as several people did not eat tentacles as a rule.

When the sangria arrived, we toasted: to the Internet! All such gatherings should be greeted with this toast, I am determined.

Hilarity and good fun was had by all. The especial favorite of Dom and Susan is the bacon-wrapped dates (Datiles Con Tocino), and lo, they were good (even the sauce). Other dishes included: Patatas Alioli, Tortilla (omelet, not corn pancake), Salmon Ahumado, something with meat and little bow-tie noodles (one of the specials), Mejillones Plancha, Queso De Cabra Con Tomate. So good.

I pulled out my phone to see that Kat had called. As I was preparing to text back saying that we were having dinner and what was up, Dom's phone rang. One of the professors from Kat's old college had died horribly. Kat told me that I should finish dinner and have fun, and also have the snails because they were delicious.

Thus, I ordered snails (Cabrillas Barcelona). The rest of the table told me that I was eating all of them. I took my serving, and then Dom decided to try the tomato-sauced bread under the snail (also delicious). I reached out with my fork and snagged the snail off the top of the piece of bread. Susan elected to try the baked potato beside the bread under the snail, this being as close to snail as she was getting that night. I wound up eating at least three of the snails. General hilarity.

Dessert: they didn't have one of the things we contemplated, so we wound up with Pitisu Con Helado and Tarrina De Chocolate. Om nom nom.

We stayed pretty late gossiping. Good times. I had a bit of a moment identifying which long black wool trenchcoat on the hooks near the table was mine. Fortunately I remembered the label name. I directly produced my Sharpie and added my sigil and initials.

Nora gave Dom and Susan a lift home. We took the scenic route after that.

Kat didn't answer when I called, so I am pretty sure that she fell asleep. Nora went through her closets for things that she doesn't/can't wear, and played fashion show upon me. There is now this pile of assorted clothing on the other chair that may well take up quite a bit of the spare room in my suitcase, which is going to make it that much easier to handle on the way back. There is this badass brown linen jacket, which goes with a pair of pants that probably won't work for me, but they go with me anyway on the grounds that the set should stay together. Hooray fannish pass-clothes-along time!

Tomorrow's plans are still being hammered out but involve sleeping in, and dinner (if that turns out to work with the other people involved, as it's a bit last-minute). (Other random friendly Chicago locals, feel free to holler; this totally isn't the Do All The Things time, so I'm not going to try for ALL the things, and I will have to come out here again, but I'm still open to suggestions.)

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