Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic


"I can't remember the last time I adored a man."

Thus spoke an online friend of mine when I was speaking of my best friend and what I think about him.

I do. I adore him. He's physically attractive, to start with. He may not be physically attractive where others are concerned, but there's just something about him that pushes all my buttons, both physically and mentally. Mentally ... well, he's good with computers, he likes RPG's and science fiction and bad puns... of course I adore him.

He's not the sort of person who opens up easily, and of course I won't speak of the things he's mentioned to me, because that would just not be cool, but ... he speaks to me. He smiles for me. He smiles for Sis too... but he smiles. That tells something right there. He doesn't tend to smile. I have an impression of him as a very sweet guy, very open, very caring, great sense of humor... all the things I know him to be ... I tried looking at him once through someone else's eyes, and didn't quite know what to make of what I saw.

He's a lot ... colder, to the rest of the world. He rarely speaks. His humor's a lot darker and more sarcastic. He doesn't open up. He ... he's not himself, quite, but he is, and the way he is scares me.

I still adore him.

I'm lucky to be one of the few he speaks to.

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