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Went out on an expedition with Dude and his girlfriend. Got lots and lots of stuff for the edible portion of the household supplies.

Today I housecleaned, too -- there were bits of floor that were getting not so nice, so I took the 409 to it all, and did some major scrubbing. I did it to the Mortal Kombat soundtrack, the original one. That was the one that we listened to at the Duct Tape Sword Guy meetings, and I've got a conditioned response of hyperactivity to it. It wears me out, but that's OK, as long as I get what I need to do done.

So sue me, but I like shopping. I like making a house tick over right, as long as I've got active help in doing it.

Dude and his GF are out at a movie tonight.

Every time I mention that Best Friend brought up the idea that I should have no excuse for not seeing movies, that I should find the time, and the money, and there are local movie theatres very close, and if I should catch him on his day off we might be able to see the movie together --- my sister just cracks up and loses it.

I'm going to find out what she means someday, dammit.

Why the hell have I become so domestic? I still don't tend to do laundry or dishes all that often, but when I clean, man, do I ever clean.

I think Saturday has become the default day for cleaning house. Today, since Best Friend was going to visit, I decided that the floor must be cleaned. I scrubbed the kitchen floor, and discovered that tomato sauce stains like hell. I also got the stains out of the rug where Nephew likes to spill stuff, and I tried to organize the cat.

Kittens do not take well to organization.
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