Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

growing up

Sis has been complaining that I act too young.

That's no surprise. She's a good four or five years older, with a kid. I'm still barely out of my parents' house. It's going to be interesting around here.

Basically, she thinks she's through with being young and playing. I notice, though, that every time she's given a chance, she plays harder than I do. She works harder at what she does, though.

But she's been complaining about how young I am, and how much further I have to grow...

...and what happens?

We get another roommate, and suddenly the house is filled with teenage happiness and laughter, as roommate is 18 and so is his girlfriend, and of course Alan is not what you'd call the epitome of seriousness... and Alan is Sis's general age.

Basically, Sis has been getting a bit old and stodgy lately, and she's getting shaken out of it. She was getting a little too high and mighty for her own good with the one thing, and then of course the universe had to shake her down out of it --- and she was getting a touch too reclusive, and of course the universe is doing the same right now.

Gods only know what's in store for me.

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