Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

morning? not quite.

Slept in majorly today. Needed it. Was starting to feel as bad yesterday as I'd felt when I'd done the stupid thing and completely drained myself.

Looks like the message board is back up, though the comic may not quite be. Poor FOGClub.

Kitten likes to try to eat what you're eating.

Roommate stayed up until sixish, with a bad case of blocked-creativity-insomnia. He'd told his gf that he was planning on crashing right away -- I can forsee some troubles looming up here.

It's not my place at all to interfere, except that I like both of them, and I think the dear girl could use a few quiet words of wisdom in her ear, such as: "Honey, you're not his mother, and ... well... he does need some time to himself from time to time."

I've seen more of my relationships fail by me trying to be the guy's mother/guardian angel/constant companion, and I don't want this to happen to these two if it could be averted by a five-minute conversation with her.

The only reason my current potential romantic entanglement is progressing so nicely is because he and I are equals. He's got the edge on a few things; I'm more expert in a few others. We respect each other's areas of mastery, and help each other out here and there. I'm not automatically inferior; neither is he. I'm not automatically the eldest, and he doesn't generally bother to point out that he does have the chronological edge on me.

It helps that we come from comparable backgrounds.

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