Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fun With Darkside

Hee hee.

Dirty socks. His dirty socks.

Just to get him back for tossing me in that dumpster... heh.

This is fun.

Will be working overtime this week, if all goes as planned.

Will try to go see that movie.

Hope it works out.

Best Friend leaves Saturday. I'll miss him. He'll be gone for a week. After he comes back he'll be all taken up with moving, poor man. Pointed him in the direction of Uncle Alan, who could help him hook up with an apartment, but apparently he's not going to look for an apartment of his own until he graduates this fall and gets a Real Job.


I'm going to miss seeing him every day. He's ...

It's rough when parts of my world are taken away. Breakfast every morning with him is one of the things that holds my notoriously unreliable mind together. A busy young computer programmer is not going to have the leisure time to see his best female friend for a couple hours every day, not unless --- who am I kidding. Not *even* if they're dating.

And it doesn't look like the dating thing will be happening, at least not any time soon...

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