Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

receiving end of a rant... lucky you.

My editor, having a whole bunch of fire ants down his pants, is proceeding to rant at me about wussiness in the modern online pagan community.

Basically, in his words, "Witches are not doormats."

On his web site, he raised the issue of the case of a certain man, who'd described himself as a Wiccan (but had evidently not been following the precepts of the faith when what he'd been doing came to light) who'd been arrested and convicted for sexual abuse of young girls.

A year after the initial hoo-haa had died down, the media seems to have revived the issue -- specifically to bash witches.

My editor wrote an article of protest, stating that the times for witches to hide and say nothing about themselves were over; unless witches stood up for themselves and spoke out and made sure the media saw that they did not condone the actions of this person, and gave the media a true picture of themselves to report, then the only people controlling what went on about witches in the media would be the enemies of witches.

What happened?

He got jumped on, all over, by a variety of different people, mostly the young and insecure.

He's pissed.
I think I am too.
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