Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

Fun all gone. :(

The fun that Darkside and I were having on the Fanboy Otaku Gamer's Club message board is all over now...

It seems that Dennis, the moderator, in his infinite wisdom, decided that it was not relevant to his club, and asked us to can it. So, we shall. Darkside wants to take one last parting shot at getting Dennis to guess who he really is in real life, and do the following:

As Dennis is flying off (you'd have to have been there) invoke pyrokinesis and scorch away Dennis's pants, revealing Cutey Honey underwear. Azure Lunatic would then holler "Honey Flash!"

Dennis does in fact own a few pairs of said underwear, given to him by none other than Darkside. It would be an obvious ploy.

Right now we're looking for an appropriate place to take our online virtual pie fight (which has become, somehow, a battle filled with cheezy anime references) where those who are interested can still follow the thing. I suggested livejournal.

Hmm. That might do it ... if all of us combatants had the password... and few enough of us so that we could have unique user pictures... hmm. Shall have to suggest that to Darkside the next time we talk, which could be tomorrow. Hmm.

We were having so much fun, though!
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