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Darkside leaves Saturday for some family reunion thing and won't be back for a week. One whole week without him! How will I survive? (insert mock-terrified face)

Heh. If it were that bad, Sis would have kicked my ass by now. I do notice, though, that we've been talking on the phone at least every other two days. He called *me* this evening, which is a surprise. He never seems to call anyone, but he does call me.


I've been afraid to look at the cards as regards me and him, for fear I'll find certainty of one sort or another. If it's not going to work out, I don't really want to know it. If it is going to work out, I really oughtn't to know it.

A silly idea, hammered out between acpizza and myself, is the whole concept of an RPG date ... me, Sis, roomie... Darkside, sis's boyfriend, roomie's girlfriend...

Hmm. This could be interesting. Hmm.

I'll maybe post the scenario when it gets plotted out, just for general amusement. This rivals the stuff that DC and I planned out for giggles once upon a time.
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