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half asleep, with ice cream, talking with acpizza. we're going to get drunk together someday, and that's going to be weird.

Yeah, life is weird, and Horatio doesn't know shit about the universe.

So if there were an RPG date, sis and her bf would be there, I'd be there with Darkside, and roommate would have his gf.

Now roommate and his GF would go into my bedroom, and Sis and her bf would go into her bedroom... and that would leave me out in the living room with Uncle Alan, Darkside, and my nephew, not to mention the cat.

Darkside and I would look at each other, look at the kid and the cat ... look at Alan ...


Could get interesting.

You see, Darkside's jealous of Panic (sis's bf), and Panic is jealous of Alan, though Panic has no real reason to be ... ... y'see, Alan sees more of Sis than Panic does, and since Alan and Sis are old friends from Ye Olde Dayz ... well then.

But Panic has no reason to be jealous... Sis is stuck to him like glue... which is why Darkside is jealous. And I'm jealous of that. And gods know that Alan might have... well, we'll not get into that. Alan and I went on one date, and that was great for friendship, but not so cool for romance. Just didn't hit it off that well for that.

But it would sure be weird.

I'd write it better, but I'm tired. Big day tomorrow. Must call Darkside and give him my love, in safe and encoded form.
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