Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

good day

Woke up semi-on-time. Did my morning things, cleaned up a little, went shopping with Sis and cashed my week-old paycheck. Went to the mall, got new shoes, went to the coffee shop and had coffee. Got some more stuff and came home. Called Qworst and tried to see what the fuck was up with DSL.

Turns out that the first order was improperly entered and wasn't even there mostly. I bitched somewhat. Now the modem should arrive on Friday the 13th.

Nephew has a total of 8 pokemon tapes now.

Cat needed to be washed. Washed cat. Cat does not like being washed. Looks like I attempted suicide now, claws raked all down my left wrist.

Went swimming with nephew. He's a regular fish in the water, the swimming little monkey who generally tries to cling to me by pulling down the front of my bathing suit.

Should really get a copy of the Dragon Tarot for Best Friend at some point. He needs a deck that he can bring to school and take out w/o being expelled. (give ya one guess why he can't bring his deck to school...)

Pollution bad today. Eyes complaining. Bus way late taking us to the mall.

Cat got his claws trimmed today, fortunately before I tried giving him bath.

Movie with Best Friend did not work out. Gee, what a surprise. Called him and said hi though. He was busy.

Just a very calm day. Warm. Happy.
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