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OK, I figured out why I was pissy after the following showed up in my mailbox:

Yahoo Reminder: Wedding of Abgi/Brian and Azz/Silence/Joan 6/29, this event does not repeat.


I'd be married today, if I'd stayed in Alaska. I'd be married today, if I hadn't gone to DeVry.

I'd be drinking myself to sleep tonight, if I'd gotten married. Either that, or crying. Or gritting my teeth and doing lewd and crude things with my new husband, who might or might not be sober enough to perform. In which case, my toys and I would get the bed, and Beej would have gotten the floor with his damn cat. (to be distinguished, btw, from our dear sweet Shammash.)

Fuck, I think I'm probably drinking myself to sleep tonight. The peppermint schnapps taste good. They're 60 proof, and I have 375 ml of them. There's not a whole bottle left; we had some the other night in hot chocolate.

Yes, I think I'm most likely courting a drinking problem. It's just that, without a history of drinking at all, I have an excessively low tolerance for alcohol, and just a little bit gets me loopy. So when I'm seen online drunk, it's most likely no more than just one beer, or one single shot of something hard. I can't drink anybody under the table, and it's not because my liver's dead. It's because I haven't drunk enough to half-kill my liver yet, and I don't plan on it any time soon.

I generally have a better time when I'm sober and acting drunk than when I'm drunk and have no other choice.
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