Azure Jane Lunatic (azurelunatic) wrote,
Azure Jane Lunatic

occasional thumping

The shower is in use.

Roommate. His girlfriend. The shower has been in use for approximately the past hour.

An AIM conversation on the subject:

AzureLunatic: my shower has been invaded by the ravening pillaging hordes, so I'm sitting around saying "eeeh?" and looking dubiously at a mostly full bottle of peppermint schnapps.
kenshinnobaka: invaded by what?
AzureLunatic: my new roommate and his girlfriend.
kenshinnobaka: Ah, lol
kenshinnobaka: Just drink with moderation. Only one bottle an hour.
AzureLunatic: are you kidding? this one small bottle would put me on the floor if I drank one in a *day*!!!
kenshinnobaka: ah, can't hold your licur?
AzureLunatic: nope.
kenshinnobaka: lol
AzureLunatic: One bottle of beer gets me making passes at people that I should never in my right mind make passes at.
AzureLunatic: Not beer goggles per se, but ... beer brains.
kenshinnobaka: lol lol lol lol roflmao
AzureLunatic: I still know what they look like ... the fact that I'm as good as taken becomes suddenly less relevant.
kenshinnobaka: ah, okies
AzureLunatic: gawwwd, it tastes like mouthwash, only sweeter and better.
AzureLunatic: I happen to like peppermint schnapps.
kenshinnobaka: lol
AzureLunatic: hmm, I wonder what would happen if you added Mountain Dew.
kenshinnobaka: (are you male or female)
AzureLunatic: female.
AzureLunatic: of course.
kenshinnobaka: ok, just a little braincramp
AzureLunatic: ...why?
kenshinnobaka: now be a good little girl and drink it all down
AzureLunatic: Eeeh?
kenshinnobaka: just wanted to word that statement corectly
AzureLunatic: ah.
AzureLunatic: drink what all down?
kenshinnobaka: the peppermint schnapps
AzureLunatic: you want me to have to barge into the room with the shower therein to blow chunks?
AzureLunatic: disrupting whatever happy games may have been going on within those confines?
AzureLunatic: I think not, my dear friend.
kenshinnobaka: now that would be priceless
kenshinnobaka: I'd want the video of that. lol

And the random thumping from the shower, audible over the water, continues... Sis and I giggle every time an especially loud noise is made.

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