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Castle Boutique

Well, Sis took me to Castle Boutique today. For those who don't know, that is a chain of "adult novelty" shops that exist in the general Arizona area.

I've been in shops of the like before, but this one struck me as the Wal*Mart of sex shops, only without the blue-vested employees prowling the aisles. Sis said that this one is a small one.

I looked over the selection and was not particularly impressed. The shop I had been in back home in Alaska had possessed a better stock of, um, *stuff*. I wasn't impressed, in fact, until I saw the sticker, you know the oval type with a couple letters that are supposed to signify something important? You stick them on cars and stuff. Well, this one said "AZ" with the little rectangular-blocks rainbow below that.

Azz is my nickname, and it was my nickname before I even dreamed of moving to Arizona.

It was just perfect.

Unfortunately, they don't take checks, and my handful of change was too small to make any difference.

Ah well, someday.
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